Slow, No Dust 5 MPH Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)

Slow, No Dust 5 MPH Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)


Speed Limit 5 Mph Signs Prevent Dust Clouds

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction resists rust.
  • Prismatic reflective graphic is visible without glare.
  • Digital printing in full-color catches the attention of drivers.
  • Optional lamination adds chemical and abrasion resistance.

Slow Down Signs are Sturdy

Dust and loose material often cover areas such as construction zones and unpaved roads. Driving through these spots at high speeds raises potentially hazardous dust clouds.

Speed warning signs let drivers know to go slowly to prevent generating dust. Durable aluminum construction makes the signs rust-resistant and long-lasting.

Road Traffic Signs are Simple to Install and Clearly Visible

A prismatic surface reflects light, making the speed limit 5 mph signs easy to see during the day or night. It also breaks up direct light to prevent glare. Digital printing with full-color catches the eyes of drivers. Slow Down signs have bold, crisp text to ensure legibility.

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