Shipping Boxes - White (Plain)

Shipping Boxes - White (Plain)


Have Your Product Secured & Stand Out in 100% Recyclable Corrugated Boxes

  • Made of single wall C flute corrugated fiberboard.
  • The box is composed of high-grade white semi-gloss Kraft paper.
  • The strong & durable box comes with an ECT of 32#.
  • The 100% recyclable box is sustainable & environmentally responsible.
  • Available in multiple sizes.

Strong & Sustainable Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Safely Moving Items

Whether you are an ecommerce entrepreneur or simply need to move out items, you will need a sturdy box to transport goods with utmost safety. A corrugated box will ensure that even the most fragile items are safely shipped despite what postal companies may do to them. Our boxes are designed with durable fiberboard, which makes them perfect for any kind of shipment all over the globe.

Made of single wall C flute corrugated fiberboard, our corrugated boxes offer good crushing resistance, stacking strength, and a fair amount of storage space. Our corrugated fiberboard boxes are highly durable and strong. Besides, our tough corrugated boxes are perfect for stacking as they can bear the weight of other boxes clamped on them.

Resilient to crush, all our shipping boxes are tested with (Edge Crush Test) ECT 32#. The boxes will stay intact and won’t crash easily. Profused with good cushioning support, these corrugated shipping boxes offer good storage space without impairing your products' pristine condition.

Our corrugated shipping boxes are versatile and can be used for a number of applications. The most common being packaging food, healthcare, office supply, stationery, and dairy products.

100% Recyclable Shipping Corrugated Boxes Made from High-Grade Material

The shipping boxes are composed of high-grade white semi-gloss Kraft paper. Notable for its strength, durability, and reliability, the Kraft paper we use offers better protection than any others. It has the ability to safeguard the items in handling, shipping, and storing situations.

Our corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable, making them one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials available. This makes them reusable too when needed.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes Available in Multiple Sizes

Available in multiple sizes, you can choose any of the durable corrugated shipping boxes as per your product size and dimension. So what are you waiting for? We are just a click away. Place your order now!