Shipping Boxes - Brown (Plain)

Shipping Boxes - Brown (Plain)


100% Recyclable Corrugated Shipping Boxes for an Utmost Protection of Your Products

  • Made of double wall B+C flute corrugated fiberboard for strength & durability.
  • Comprises high-grade natural brown Kraft paper for a seamless finishing.
  • Offers a high level of crush resistance with ECT 48#.
  • The 100% recyclable box offers sustainability.
  • Available in multiple sizes.

Our Corrugated Shipping Boxes are Crafted with Double Wall for Durability

Any company that ships products to customers understand the value of a packaging box. A sturdy corrugated box is a reliable and hand-picked choice to safeguard your products in transit. The thick layer of our corrugated shipping box will provide cushioning support to the items in the box so they arrive as expected.

Made of double wall corrugated fiberboard, our custom corrugated shipping boxes are crafted with a blend of B + C flute. This combination is an excellent all-around performer in terms of strength and durability. The double-walled construction provides an extra layer of fluting to the box, allowing it to handle heavier and bulkier goods.

Designed with excellent endurance, our high-grade corrugated boxes for shipping will stay strong even during long hauls. They are made out of high grade natural brown Kraft paper that lends a sense of reliability for shipping fragile and heavy items.

The versatile shipping boxes are loaded with benefits that make them absolutely perfect for packaging even the most frangible items. Not only does it have a remarkable performance for all packaging types, but it is often used for cushioning, partitions, dividers, and other types of packing material. Use it for shipping heavy appliances and equipment.

100% Recyclable Double Wall Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Recycling is an important aspect of sustainability, and our corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable and reusable making them one of the most popular packaging options.

Bestowed with excellent stacking strength and crush resistance, our corrugated shipping boxes are reinforced with high-grade material for piling other boxes on them. These custom corrugated shipping boxes will not get damaged even in international shipping.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes Available in Multiple Sizes

Our corrugated shipping boxes are available in multiple sizes to meet your business needs. You can choose from any of the given sizes that best fit your requirements. So what are you waiting for? We are just a click away. Place your order now!