School Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard


Safety Sneeze Guards Last for Years

Educational institutions require barriers that protect students and professors against infectious diseases without obscuring the visibility between them. Our clear acrylic tabletop dividers provide a reliable solution for controlling communicable diseases while allowing for uninterrupted learning. They prevent droplets from spreading between people at the same desk and those at nearby tables, curbing the spread of infectious diseases. Use them to keep attendees secure at your school, institution, conference hall, or lecture hall.

The plexiglass used in our sneeze shields is 5-mm thick so that it can withstand moderate impacts. The partitions' tear resistance value is 1061 ohms, making them resistant to scratches and nicks. To ensure the stability of the portable sneeze guards, they feature a high tensile strength design.

Included on half of each panel's width is a cutout line to make installation straightforward. An adjacent panel interlocking mechanism eliminates the need to change the desks, ensuring that you can set them up easily. You can also remove them without the use of any special instruments.

Classroom activities are dynamic and, once in a while, students and teachers require shifting positions. A light structure makes the guards portable, ensuring students and tutors remain safe.

Tabletop Sneeze Guards That are Safe in the Classroom

The safety equipment is ideal for educational establishments such as schools. Rounded corners help keep students and the staff safe against accidental scratches or cuts. The explosion-proof properties of the acrylic sheets ensure the guards don t release fast traveling particles in case of breakage.

The 4 ft. x 2 ft. clear acrylic sneeze guards provide a significant surface area to prevent fluid droplets from traveling between students. Replacement is simple because of the standard design. As the need arises, institutions might outfit small sections of the classroom gradually.

Discounts on Bulk Protective Sneeze Guards

There are no minimum or maximum order requirements; you can order as few as one unit. When you purchase two or more items, you stand a chance to receive a discount that eventually reduces the cost per unit. There is a sliding scale of discounts based on the order size.

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