School Desk Sneeze Guard

School Desk Sneeze Guard


Protect Against Infectious Diseases with School Desk Sneeze Guards 

  • The cast acrylic construction ensures long-term durability.
  • You can pick from a variety of sizes.
  • During assembly, curved edges ensure safety.
  • The durable structure ensures the product serves you for years.
  • Bulk discounts are available for sneeze guards.

Customization of Durable Desk Sneeze Guards is Available

Following an outbreak, schools and other institutions should look for ways to continue with learning but in a safe environment to prevent disease spread. One method of ensuring individual safety is to create separations without limiting interactions. Our tabletop sneeze guards ensure droplets caused by coughing or sneezing don't spread between students in educational institutions.

Our protective sneeze guards comprise a see-through, 5550 GSM cast acrylic with high tensile strength for added durability. They are child-safe and have a long service life.

No prints or graphics are present on our transparent sneeze guards, which have a glossy finish. The clear design allows teachers and students to communicate freely and look around without spreading infectious diseases.

Portable sneeze guards come in three standard sizes to accommodate different schools. Choose the dimensions to meet the spatial requirements of your educational institution.

Order the Easy-to-Install Tabletop Sneeze Guards in Bulk for Discounts

Our protective sneeze guards are simple to install, saving you time and effort. Their rounded corners provide protection against sharp edges for risk-free installation and ensure the safety of the students. With our guards, you'll have the convenience of knowing you're safe from infections, allowing teachers to teach with confidence.

Bulk order discounts are available when purchasing our transparent sneeze guards in large quantities. Ordering 2 or more guards reduces future costs and increases your return on investment. These savings also ensure that your expenditure is below or within your budget.

Desk Sneeze Guards are Handy

Our 3-panel portable sneeze guards come with one front panel and 2 side panels. Each guard can protect students from 3 directions with this feature. The dependable construction minimizes the risk of spreading infection, enabling a continuation of school curriculums.

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