Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard


Tabletop Sneeze Guards are Portable and Efficient

To ensure the health and safety of your restaurant, you'll need to make some changes to keep patrons safe. One important step is to protect visitors from aerosol viruses. Our safety sneeze guards keep the eating area safe while still allowing for communication.

Store sneeze guards allow your consumers to communicate with one another. Customers can readily see others at the table by using our clear cast acrylic divider screens.

The 4-person sneeze guards feature a lightweight plastic that is simple to assemble. This material lowers the pressure put on the table. The divider screen included with the restaurant sneeze guards allows you to maximize the area while still maintaining safety and separation.

To increase the strength of the product, we use professionally cast transparent acrylic material for these transparent sneeze guards. They feature a lustrous sheen and have a tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2. Our restaurant sneeze shield features durable material that is long-lasting.

Dining is Safer with Safety Sneeze Guards

Our transparent sneeze guards for restaurants and workplaces include a pair of clear panels that fit just right into each other to form four sections. The guards are simple to install because the panels are half cut in the middle. They also allow you to establish four different places for various consumers without the use of any additional equipment.

With our easily available store sneeze guards, we make ordering simple for you. This can aid you in making a decision that will save money for your business.

Get Discounts on Bulk Orders of Tabletop Sneeze Guards

If you order a large quantity of our 4-person sneeze guards, you will receive a bulk discount. Spend more on other resources for your restaurants instead of cutting expenditures.

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