Reflective Custom Parking Signs

Reflective Custom Parking Signs

  • Made using 1.2mm thick aluminium sheet.
  • Full color, 600DPI, UV printing technique used.
  • Vinyl white sheet/reflective film printed & pasted on aluminium sheet.
  • Come with 1” corner radius & holes of 5-7mm diameter.
  • Special discount on bulk orders available.

Heavy Duty & Durable Aluminium Sheet is Used for our Reflective Parking Signs

The increased number of vehicles on the roads has added to traffic congestion and led to shortage of parking spaces. Take the help of our reflective parking signs and safeguard your work and private parking areas to indicate that they are only for your company’s vehicles and private use.

Our reflective parking signs are made using heavy duty and durable aluminium sheets which have a thickness of 1.2mm. The signs are sturdy, durable and long lasting. Printed only on one side, they are weather resistant and will not fade easily in harsh sunlight.

The custom parking signs come in variable sizes such as 12” x 18”, 18” x 24”, 24”x 36, and 36” x 48”. Custom sizes are also available. Choose the size that best suits your available space.

The mounting holes are of 5-7 mm diameter and their corner radius is 1”. You can choose the location of the holes, top and bottom or right and left, or have them on all the four corners. Fixing our signs is easy and convenient.

Our Custom Parking Signs are Created Using Full Color, UV Printing

Our reflective coffee signs have been printed using full color, 600DPI, UV printing with led curing. For the reflective signs, printing is done on engineer grade 7 mil, 3m vinyl film which is then pasted on the aluminium sheet. This film reflects light and increases the signs’ visibility at night. Our signs come in bright and sharp colors that are easily readable even from a distance.

We offer a wide range of templates for our reflective parking signs. These include 'No Parking' , ‘Reserved’, ‘Handicapped Parking’, ‘Employee Parking’, ‘Event Parking’, ‘Authorized Vehicles Only’, ‘Motorcycle Only’, and ‘Restricted Area’. You can also customize the signs by using the text, colors, graphics, borders or logos of your choice, or take the help of our team of designers for a nominal fee.

Grab Discounts on Bulk Orders on our Reflective Parking Signs

You can order any number of our parking signs. For orders in quantities of 2-500, some heavy discounts are up for grabs. The more you order the larger the discount offered. Refer to our discount table for further details.