Reflective Graduation Yard Signs

Reflective Graduation Yard Signs

  • Custom yard signs are made of Corflute plastic for durability.
  • Reflective film allows the signs to reflect light and be seen at night.
  • Signs come in different sizes to suit your needs.
  • Transportation is simple, allowing you to relocate the signs as needed.
  • Prints use eco-friendly solvents that pose fewer environmental risks.

Honor Students with Reflective Graduation Yard Signs

Graduation Yard Signs are Customizable, High Quality, and Durable

Schools, businesses, and parents would like a way to honor and celebrate graduating students during ceremonies, parties, and other occasions. Put up custom yard signs outside your building for people to notice as they enter or pass by your home or building. These signs make for great decoration pieces for eye-catching displays.

Our reflective yard signs are made of heavy-weight 1200 GSM Corflute plastic that is corrugated for internal strength, standing up to strong winds and environmental hazards. The reflective HIP film resists scratches and sheds water for resilient outdoor use.

With full color UV printing, the printed yard signs display graphics in accurate colors. The signs are printed with 600 DPI resolution that captures a photo-realistic image of graduates in great detail. A reflective film makes the signs noticeable both during the day and at night with direct lighting.

Custom yard signs offer various options to provide the exact product you need. Choose from reflective, HIP-reflective, or plain film. There are three standard sizes, or you can input your own dimensions for a bespoke creation. Order metal stakes with your signs for easy installation, and select from single- or double-sided graphics.

Custom Yard Signs are Portable and Eco-Friendly

Handle your reflective yard signs with ease thanks to their light weight. Simply pull the sign out of the ground by the metal stakes for relocation. The light, flat design allows you to store each sign easily and save the notices for other events, such as next year's ceremony or another expected graduation. As you can reuse the signs indefinitely, they provide excellent ROI.

BannerBuzz creates these printed yard signs with biodegradable solvents that don't release toxins into the air, making them less harmful to the environment. The eco-friendly products therefore help you fulfill your social responsibility and present an image of caring about the planet.

Graduation Yard Signs are Available with Bulk Order Discounts

Order multiple reflective yard signs and take advantage of a bulk order discount. The more signs you include in your order, the greater the savings, affecting the overall price. Order as many signs as needed to save on the overall ad spend and remain within your budget.

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