Reflective Garage Sale Signs

Reflective Garage Sale Signs

  • Corflute promotional yard signs are impact-resistant.
  • Full color, 600 DPI UV printing provides superior quality prints.
  • Several different sizes and material options are available.
  • The lightweight design is highly portable.
  • Enjoy an easy and convenient ordering process.

Direct Your Customers with Reflective Garage Sale Signs

Garage Sale Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

When hosting a garage sale, it is important for your business to easily draw the attention of customers. Pedestrians and drivers who might have an interest in your sales need a fast and efficient means of locating the sale sites. Our promotional yard signs provide a convenient means of directing people to the site where your garage sale is being held.

The signs are extremely durable as we manufacture them using 5-mm thick Corflute and reflective film material. Thanks to the material's high impact resistance, you can safely set up the robust signs outdoors. These reflective yard signs last a long time, and you can use them multiple times.

Our garage sale signs are high in quality and easy to read. The 600 DPI UV printing provides good resolution, allowing each detail to be visible from a distance. The full color printing also makes the finish vibrant and lightfast with sharp contrast. Use these high-quality signs to capture the attention of your customers and increase potential sales.

Customization is easy when ordering personalized yard signs. Pick from three different sizes to meet various needs or request a custom size. The signs can also be two-sided and can include metal stakes as desired. A Pantone color match option is available as well as the ability for you to upload artwork, create a design online, or hire professional designers. These customization choices make it easy to create signs for use in a wide range of environments.

Reflective Yard Signs are Portable and Easy to Move

Our promotional yard signs are portable and can be relocated with ease. The material is lightweight, making it easy to lift and carry, while the metal stakes keep the signs secure in the ground. Storage also takes little effort, and you can move the signs elsewhere when needed. Use the signs at different spots for future garage sales.

Ordering these banners is quick and simple with a variety of shipping methods so you can choose based on budget and urgency of delivery. Select doorstep delivery for a rapid receipt, for quick installation of your signs. These options allow you to procure personalized yard signs in plenty of time to boost sales.

Get Discounts on Bulk Garage Sale Signs

Order these signs in bulk to get a discount and save money on any order ranging from 2 to over 500. Whether you are a small business owner or large company manager, you can buy personalized yard signs to fit any budget. Fulfill all business requirements and get as many signs as necessary to point the best routes to your garage sales.

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