Reception Desk Sneeze Guard


Reception desk sneeze guards- The social distancing barriers you need for your reception desk

With many businesses, workplaces, and other facilities choosing to get back to work- everyone needs to invest more in safety supplies. Getting back to business has made it crucial for each one of us to follow various preventive measures and social distancing measures. This reception desk sneeze guard is a perfect COVID-19 safety tool that can help you to create a social distancing barrier at your reception desks and counters. Putting these sneeze and cough shields at your stores, workplace, or food outlets, etc. will help you create a safe and healthy environment. These guards can help you keep many contagious airborne infections and viruses at bay. Acting as a protective barrier between your receptions and the visitors, these clear acrylic shields can make all face-to-face communications easier and comfortable. The elbow cutouts and the rounded corners are designed to ease the use of these shields. It is a very effective yet affordable protective equipment for every workplace, business space, or retail store. 

If you do not want to put your employees at risk of catching infections when they interact with several customers every day. It is recommended to use tools like this sneeze guard to help build a shield between them. Places like supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential businesses that are back to work must take advantage of this reception desk guard. 

To place your order, please go ahead and choose one of the three available sizes listed above. Please note that these ready-to-use guards cannot be custom designed or printed. 

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