Premium White Table Covers & Throws - 4 Sided


Premium White Table Throws: Dress Up Tables at Any Event or Occasion

Having white custom printed tablecloths are a chic, elegant way to present merchandise or information. Some businesses make the most out of their product marketing by placing their logo on top of a white background. Our clients typically use premium white table throws during weddings or in jewelry displays.

Table throws for trade shows

Our premium white table throws help your company portray a much more professional image at a trade show or seminar than just setting up your display on a fold-up table. The white background gives you a clean, classic look with the flexibility to meet almost any need. For a look that really pops, add your logo or some graphics to the white custom printed tablecloths, which will be printed in full color!

Don't throw a party without our throws

Premium white table throws are popular for wedding receptions. You can order them plain or customize them with the name of the bride and groom. Custom printed tablecloths also add an element of fun to anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, class reunions, and banquets of all kinds.

Tablecloths of real cloth

We are your best source when you are looking for table throws made of real cloth. Our premium throws and custom printed tablecloths are made of high-quality satin and nylon that is precut with a hot knife to prevent fraying. The material is treated with a special overcoat to resist damage by light and air.

These premium white table throws come in standard sizes of 6 or 8 feet long by 2½ feet wide, but we can also accommodate custom sizes. The front and sides hang about one inch off the ground, but the back is nine inches long to allow people plenty of room for their feet when sitting behind the table or to conveniently store items out of sight.

So if you are planning an event that includes tables, let us throw out this idea ... consider ordering our premium white table throws.