Office Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard


Transparent Tabletop Sneeze Guards are Durable and Easy to Install

As a business owner, it is important to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors at the workplace. With our transparent sneeze guards, you create protective barriers that partition the desk to fit four individuals. The sneeze guards prevent the spread of airborne viruses while allowing for proper communication.

We use a 5 mm thick cast acrylic material, which makes our safety sneeze guards durable. The tough material resists tears, cracks, or scratches to suit everyday use. This helps to minimize constant replacement costs for high ROI.

Made of clear acrylic, our desk sneeze guards have transparent panels for visibility in the workplace. They help to maintain sight for direct communication and interactions while protecting your employees and visitors from airborne viruses.

Our tabletop sneeze guards are quick and easy to install. They have precise cuts on the bottom and top to create four sectioned intersecting panels. The panels have sturdy grippers that keep them in place for structural stability.

Easy-to-Clean Safety Sneeze Guards Comes in Standard Dimensions

Available in a standard size, our portable sneeze guards measure 4 ft W x 2 ft H x 4 ft D to fit on most office desks and conference tables. They create a partitioned space that provides a private workspace for employees, reducing the spread of viruses.

Our transparent sneeze guards are easy to maintain to prevent cross-contamination in the workplace. You can use bleach water, sanitizer, or alcohol solution, which helps to minimize infections. This creates a safe environment for your employees, visitors, and clients.

Tabletop Sneeze Guards are Available in Bulk Discount

Enjoy savings with discounts available for bulk orders. Businesses can purchase from 2 to 50 desk sneeze guards, depending on their budget and business requirements.

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