No Parking, Violators Towed Away Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)

No Parking, Violators Towed Away Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)


Restrict Access with 'No Parking, Violators Towed Away' Aluminum Signs

  • Durable aluminum makes the signs safe for outdoor use.
  • High-quality reflective sheeting makes the signs easy to see.
  • Laminate the signs for extra toughness.
  • Pre-drilled holes make the signs easy to install.
  • Enhanced weatherability allows for safe use anywhere.

'Violators Will Be Towed' Signs Feature Durability, Reflectivity, and Lamination

If you have certain areas in your parking lot that must remain clear to provide your employees safe access, you need to let drivers know that they should move on and park elsewhere. You may want to install signage that sends a clear message and establishes the rules of your parking lot. Our no parking signs are great for encouraging others to leave restricted spaces clear.

Our aluminum signs feature extra thick metal that is resistant to bending and rust. They are safe for outdoor use and can withstand various weather conditions. The signs even remain durable in heavy storms.

We use engineer-grade prismatic sheeting to make the reflective signs. They are durable and easy to see from a distance as well as in low-light areas. The high-quality material helps draw attention from drivers to encourage them to stop and view your message.

Customize your 'Violators Will Be Towed' signs with our lamination options to alter their appearance to your liking. The laminated coating adds extra durability.

No Parking Signs are Easy to Install and Have Good Weatherability

The pre-drilled holes in our aluminum signs make installation a quick and simple process to help save you time. You can install the signs on most posts or walls, giving you plenty of options.

Enhanced weatherability due to their lamination and digital printing allows these reflective signs to withstand a wide range of locations. They are resistant to abrasion as well as corrosion.

'Violators Will Be Towed' Signs Feature Great Longevity

The laminated topcoat makes the no parking signs durable enough to last at least 7 years. They are a great way to conserve resources for your business.

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