MUTCD Compliant Object Marker Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)

MUTCD Compliant Object Marker Aluminum Sign (HIP Reflective)

  • Sturdy, well-made signs come with a graphic thickness of 390 microns.
  • Made of rustproof aluminum base.
  • High Intensity grade reflective sheets offer upto three times the reflectivity of engineer grade signs.
  • Laminated signs provide enhanced weatherability, abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Long-lasting signs come with a 10-year durability.

‘MUTCD Compliant Object Marker’ Aluminum Signs are made of Rustproof Aluminum

Choose MUTCD Compliant Object Markers from BannerBuzz to mark out obstructions on the roadway. Our bright and easy-to-read markers are visible to every motorist on the road. Made from 3M's "High Intensity" Grade Reflective, our signs remain legible even from a distance. These high intensity grade reflective sheets offer three times the reflectance of engineer grade signs. Our median traffic signs are especially bright when light falls upon them from an angle.

TEngineered using rustproof aluminum, our long-lasting signs stay unaffected by strong winds or stormy weather. Having a graphic thickness of 390 microns and a graphic weight 400 GSM, our signs come with a 10-year durability. To safeguard our signs from inclement weather, we laminate them. Besides, this provides enhanced resistance to abrasions and chemical damage. With a tough top coat of lamination, our signs defy scuffs and scratches. What’s more, this provides utmost protection from water-related damages.

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