Mailer Boxes - Brown (Plain)

Mailer Boxes - Brown (Plain)


Ship Your Products with Utmost Safety in Durable Corrugated Mailer Boxes

  • Made of single wall C flute corrugated fiberboard for durability.
  • Features high-grade natural brown Kraft paper for resilience & seamless finishing.
  • Comes with a good level of crush resistance & stacking strength with ECT 32#.
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable corrugated box.
  • Available in multiple sizes.

Durable Corrugated Mailer Boxes for Shipping & Packaging

Any business personnel, especially eCommerce entrepreneurs know how valuable a shipping tool is for them. When it comes to fulfilling your customers’ requirements, it is crucial that everything is just perfect as demanded. But just a single shipping failure can put your image at stake and may leave your customers unimpressed. So what to do to safely ship your products to our esteemed customers? Fret not! Our durable corrugated mailer box is just the perfect solution for your shipping needs. Their strong built and durable design will make your shipment easy and hassle-free.

Our corrugated boxes will serve as a protective layer for the products that travel long distances and through varied conditions to reach their destination. The single wall C flutes of our corrugated box act like a barrier to the product against the environment and possible mistreatment during delivery.

Additionally, corrugated boxes offer protection for the most delicate products from dirt, dust, filth, and bacteria. Crafted from corrugated fiberboard, our boxes act as a shell casing, ensuring that products are delivered safely.

These boxes provide extra cushioning support, and can also be used as dividers, and partitions. Perfect for shipping catalogs, literature, parts, photos, printed material, clothes, etc., our corrugated mailer boxes will go a long way.

Our 100% Recyclable Corrugated Mailing Boxes are Made of High-Grade Material

The ability to recycle and repurpose corrugated boxes is the most significant attribute. Every company is seeking to create a way to safeguard and sustain the environment in this age of environmental consciousness. Our corrugated boxes are 100 % recyclable, making them an important element of any company's environmental initiatives.

Our corrugated mailing boxes offer excellent crushing, and stacking strength and are strengthened with high-grade material. This high-grade white semi-gloss Kraft paper with ECT 32# provides a sense of reliability while shipping delicate materials.

Get Noticed with the Personalized Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Don’t miss a chance to impress your customers with your uniquely crafted custom corrugated mailer boxes. From your brand name to your logo, choose anything that matches your business requirements to garner more customer base and become one of a kind brand. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now to enjoy the finest boxes at your doorstep.