Low Clearance Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)

Low Clearance Aluminum Sign (EGR Reflective)


Inform Tall-Truck Drivers of Parking Lots Using Low Clearance Signs

  • Low clearance signs bind to multiple surfaces.
  • Watch your head signs attract the attention of passersby.
  • The lamination option makes the signs long-lasting.
  • The signs are resistant to a wide range of temperature change.

Easy-to-Apply Low Clearance Signs with Adhesive

Some roads and parking lots have low clearance. To assist tall-vehicle drivers in deciding how to navigate and avoid accidents, use caution low clearance signs.

Watch your head signs have pressure-sensitive adhesion that can bind to multiple surfaces, including sand-cast, moderately rough surfaces, and some low surface energy materials.

Laminated Watch Your Head Signs Feature Full-Color Print

Select the lamination option to extend the life of the low overhead clearance signs to 7 years.

These low clearance ahead signs feature full-color print, attracting the attention of passersby.

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