Long Boxes - Brown (Printed)

Long Boxes - Brown (Printed)


Sturdy Long Corrugated Boxes for a Safe Shipment

  • Made of single wall C flute corrugated fiberboard for durability & endurance.
  • High-grade natural brown Kraft paper renders excellent finishing & resistance.
  • Comes with a good level of crush resistance & stacking strength with ECT 25#.
  • 100% recyclable & sustainable long corrugated box.
  • Available in multiple sizes.

Durable Long Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Shipping & Packaging Long Items

A major factor in any shipping operation is the control of cost and shipping your products in the right shipping box, so that it reaches in perfect condition to your customers. A sturdy corrugated box is just what you need to get your shipment done as they will solve all your shipping problems in a jiffy. Regardless of their weight, corrugated boxes are strong enough to ensure the safety of any product. The use of corrugated boxes provides companies with the opportunity for creatively developing their professional logistic tool.

Known for its toughness and persistence, our long corrugated boxes are impervious to damage from outdoor elements, bumpy roads, and physical handling. Engineered from single C flute corrugated fiberboard, our boxes exhibit cushioning support to your products. The single-walled C flute functions as a barrier against shipment issues that happen during long flights, cars, and trains.

All of our boxes are ECT 32# tested for crush resistance. The boxes will remain in great condition and will not readily crash. These long corrugated boxes are infused with strong cushioning support to provide considerable storage space without jeopardizing the newness of your products. Apart from providing good protection during long shipments, our long corrugated boxes are ideal for packaging long things like tubes, shelf rolls, and any other long item you can think of.

Our long corrugated boxes are composed of high-quality natural brown Kraft paper that provide better protection for your items. These strong boxes offer remarkable stacking strength, so you can stack them without worrying about them puncturing or bursting.

Our Long Corrugated Boxes are Printed on High-Grade & 100% Recyclable Material

A perfect blend of style and vibrancy, our corrugated fiberboard material's prints appealing logos, and brand names. We use a screen printing technique that provides a high level of brightness and excellent finish. This technique offers a unique design making your corrugated box appear sleek and professional.

The Kraft paper we use is 100% recyclable and sustainable. It allows you to store and ship these biodegradable boxes for a long time without worrying about your products’ condition.

Spruce Up Your Long Corrugated Boxes with Personalization

A well designed and engineered box tailored to fit your business will let you stand out from the competition and leave your customers impressed. With our personalization tool, you can add a touch of personalization to your box with brand name, logo, text, and much more as per your business needs. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now!