Hog-Heaven Impressions Logo Mats

Hog-Heaven Impressions Logo Mats

  • Our mats feature durable materials for reliability.
  • Digital printing gives our logo floor mats vivid images.
  • Customize the mats to satisfy your business needs.
  • Lightweight materials make our mats easily portable.
  • The mats are easy to care for.

Promote Your Brand with Hog-Heaven Impressions Logo Mats

Hog Heaven Mats are Durable, High-Quality and Customizable

You need a way to promote your company and increase awareness of your products, services, and overall brand. Our Hog Heaven mats do the job by showcasing your company's logo and allowing passersby to see it easily. Place the mats in an entryway in your establishment or in another high-traffic area to raise its visibility and expose your brand to more people.

Made of 120 mil,149 mm nitrile rubber and PVC/NBR foam backing material, our logo floor mats deliver outstanding tensile strength, oil resistance, and overall toughness. Such qualities make the mats durable and long-lasting, increasing your return on investment.

A digital printing process gives our personalized floor mats vivid images that provide effective communication. The high quality images also have notable contrast that helps attract the attention of passersby.

Our custom floor mats are available in various sizes to accommodate your facility's setup. You can choose to upload your own artwork, use the online tool to create the image, or hire a designer. Enter specific instructions for further customization to match with your business demands.

Logo Floor Mats are Portable and Easy to Order

Our Hog Heaven mats are made of lightweight materials for easy portability. You can easily place and reposition our mats, providing you with convenient use. Transporting the mats is effortless, allowing for continuous reuse in various locations.

You can choose from multiple shipping options to fit the budget and timeline of your business. We can deliver the custom floor mats to your doorstep for a convenient receipt of your order.

Hog Heaven Mats are Easy to Care For

It is easy to clean and maintain our personalized floor mats. Keep them looking fresh and new over time by simply hand washing them. This low maintenance care saves time and energy that you may channel to other duties.

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