Halloween PVC Foam Board Signs


Halloween PVC Foam Board Signs for Fun, Spooky Decor

PVC Foam Board Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages and a popular time of year for retailers to offer promotions with spooky decor. The days following Halloween are also a good period for unloading merchandise such as candy and costumes at discounted rates. Halloween board signs are a convenient option for a business looking to decorate or promote sales. They require little set-up and are easy to keep in storage for use year after year.

Made of PVC foam, our Halloween board signs are semi-rigid and sturdy for long-lasting display. Their durable construction allows them to be re-used multiple times, increasing return on investment. PVC foam also holds up while kept in storage until the next Halloween.

Colors, images, and text print directly onto the substrate at 600 DPI, making them sharp, vibrant, and clearly defined. Iconic Halloween-themed images and slogans make the printed foam board signs stand out so customers take notice of promotions and have a more pleasant shopping experience. UV printing also adds the benefit of brighter colors that reflect more light for greater visibility.

Our custom foam board signs come in a selection of sizes and offer additional options to meet your needs or preferences. Add holes for wall-mounting and include the feature of standoffs to create a space between the signs and walls if desired. Make the signs reflective to improve visibility, a helpful option with certain types of lighting. Choose from many types of Halloween prints, upload a picture of your own design, or devise a new one in our intuitive online design tool.

Custom Foam Board Signs are Eco-Friendly and Portable

Printed foam board signs are lightweight and only 5mm thick, so they take up minimal space in storage and are easy to transport. Their slim dimensions also allow for storing a large number in a small area. The signs require only minimal hardware support to keep them attached to the wall or other display locations, making installation a shorter and easier process.

Our Halloween board signs undergo a printing process that releases no solvents into the air to reduce environmental impact. Celebrate Halloween and encourage a festive mood in customers with our Halloween signage.

PVC Foam Board Signs Available in Bulk

Order custom foam board signs in large or small quantities for an optimal amount of visual display in your establishment. Order in bulk to meet the needs of a large building with plenty of windows and other areas for sign placement or to supply several locations. Bulk orders also a receive a business-friendly discount.

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