Folded Advisory Flyers

Folded Advisory Flyers

  • Paper and cardstock materials make the flyers durable.
  • High-quality printing produces clear graphics.
  • Customization options are available to meet your needs.
  • The recyclable materials are environment-friendly.
  • Lightweight materials allow you to carry the flyers around.

Circulate Cautionary Messages and Advice with Folded Advisory Flyers

Folded Flyers are of High-Quality, and Customizable

Whether you run a healthcare facility, a restaurant, a pub, or a store, you need to secure the safety of your customers and employees. Most individuals are unaware of disease prevention regulations, and you can assist them by sending out advisory messages in the event of an outbreak. These folded flyers will help you reach out to many people that come by your facility, allowing you to communicate your precautionary messages effectively.

We print the safety flyers on cardstock or 100 and 90 lb paper, as these materials are both strong and flexible. The leaflets will last for a long time without wearing out, enabling you to reach out to many people.

Full-color digital printing produces clear, fade-resistant prints with vibrant colors and sharp contrast. People can read the information on the pandemic flyers with ease, as the high-quality printing draws attention to ensure successful communication.

We allow you to pick a size, opt for folded or non-folded health flyers, and order them in packs of 50 to 5000. Depending on your demands, you can choose between uncoated, matte, or glossy paper finishes. You can have prints solely on the outside if you don't want them on the inside and outside. Depending on the quantity of information you have and your preference, choose between tri-fold and half-fold options. If you don't have any designs to upload, use the design tool. Provided detailed specifications to ensure the flyers are consistent with your company's identity.

Safety Flyers are Eco-Friendly and Portable

The pandemic flyers are made of environment-friendly paper and cardstock that is recyclable. By reducing your emissions and helping your firm fulfill its social responsibilities, these leaflets can help you become a more sustainable brand.

We create health flyers out of lightweight materials, making them easy to transport. You can place and reposition the leaflets as needed to make them accessible to visitors and ensure that your advisory message gets across.

Folded Flyers are Easy to Order

To ensure that we deliver your safety flyers on schedule, you may select from several shipping methods, including doorstep delivery. Depending on the budget and delivery timeline, all firms can access any of the options.

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