Fire Riser Inside Braille Sign

Fire Riser Inside Braille Sign


Designate the Fire Riser Room with Fire Riser Inside Room ADA Braille Sign 

  • Ensure durability with tough non-glare acrylic sheet. 
  • Get absolute protection from chemicals & vandals. 
  • Available in fixed size & 1/32 inched raised letters. 
  • Scratch-resistant signs come with grade 2 braille. 

Buy Fire Riser Inside Braille Sign to Easily Identify the Fire Riser Room 


A Fire Riser Inside Braille Sign is essential to easily identify and access the location of a facility's fire sprinkler and fire protection equipment. The braille is highly durable and complies with California Braille specifications which are valid nationwide as per California standards. 


Made to resist scratches, chemicals, and vandals, our fire riser inside room ADA braille signs are tough and can brave rough and unfavorable conditions. They feature a 1/16" thick, robust, non-glare acrylic sheet with grade 2 braille, and 1/32" raised (tactile) text that adds more life to them.  


ADA Compliant Fire Riser Inside Signs with Braille are Available at Bulk Discount 


The Fire Riser Inside Braille signs are available in multiple colors - Black/White Text, Gray/White Text. The signs are available with pre-punched holes and in a pre-defined size of 6” x 6”. Their 1/32-inched raised legend or pictogram complies with ADA 28 CFR Part 36 regulations which makes them easy to comprehend.  


We offer bulk discounts on orders ranging from 2 and above. Bulk discounts help to save you both time and money. Shop for ADA Compliant Fire Riser Inside Sign with Braille. 

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