Fire Extinguisher & First Aid Decal (Non Reflective)

Fire Extinguisher & First Aid Decal (Non Reflective)


Prepare for Emergencies with Our Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Decals

  • Vinyl ensures the decals are durable.
  • Adhesive backing sticks to various surfaces.
  • Full-color printing provides vibrant graphics.
  • The squeegee tool makes installation easy.
  • Shipping options offer convenient doorstep delivery.

Our Full-Color Fire Safety Decals are Durable and Customizable

Keeping your employees and visitors safe is essential for operating a business. Effective communication is vital when you want to keep everyone apprised of your emergency procedures so that they remain safe. Install our fire safety decals to indicate the location of fire extinguishers and first aid kits to prepare for emergencies.

We make our safety and fire extinguisher decals with a strong vinyl material. Vinyl does not tear easily, which increases the longevity of our decals. The Kraft paper liner boosts the durability of our decals. A pressure-sensitive adhesive backing sticks to various surfaces, including moderately rough and sand-cast surfaces. Water-resistance in the vinyl material makes the stickers safe for use outside.

Capture the attention of passer-by with the full-color printing on our fire extinguisher inside signs. Vibrant graphics make the signs highly visible. We use latex printing, which makes the pictures resistant to scratches.

Make changes to your first aid kit decals to customize them for your business. You can select the size that fits your space and your budget. There is also the option to laminate your signs.

Our Fire Extinguisher Decals are Easy to Order and Install

It's easy to install our fire extinguisher inside signs with a squeegee tool. Use this squeegee to apply even pressure for a secure application of the vinyl decals on various surfaces. This squeegee makes installation easy and removes bubbles under the surface for even application.

When your first aid kit decals arrive, they are ready for use. Installation is fast via the adhesive backing that saves you time. There is no need to apply the graphics yourself, as the decals come with "Fire Extinguisher and First Aid" as the pre-printed graphic.

Our Fire Safety Decals are Easy to Order

Various shipping options make ordering your first aid kit and fire extinguisher decals easy. You can make shipping decisions based on your budget and how quickly you require the decals delivered. For even more convenience, we provide the delivery right to your doorstep.

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