Fabric Display Stand Snake A

Fabric Display Stand Snake A


Environentally conscious marketing tool for brand visibility

  • It's a new exhibition equipment that is environment friendly
  • Scent-free and riotously colorful

S-shaped fabric display stands are new exhibition equipment that are environmentally friendly and scent-free. What makes these standing signs for advertising unique is their shape and our riotously colorful printing with dye sublimation ink. The frames are made of aluminum, which makes fabric stand feature lightweight, expand with ease and be set up within minutes. Uniquely shaped and good-tailored, the fabric display stands are very eye-catching at trade shows. With your logos and slogans printed on it, fabric stand can create a good promoting effect which makes your customer resonate with your advertising in seconds.

S-shaped fabric display stands are great for trade shows and offer more graphical freedom. Our designers can create a variety of imagery effects by using different fabrics and printing methods. And the dimensional element almost can be placed at any places of the trade show, in the middle, left or right. A S-shape fabric stand is also of high reusablity and one frame can be used for many times as long as you have many suitable-sized fabric graphics. The fabric graphics are also washable and lasting for future use. The economic pop up display features various designs and fashion outlook with great individuality; we have a wide range of types for you to choose to match your brand aesthetic. Want to enliven your promotional booth and make your display eye-catching? Then try our uniquely shaped and good-tailored standing signs for advertising.