Emergency Assembly Area Aluminum Sign (Diamond Reflective)

Emergency Assembly Area Aluminum Sign (Diamond Reflective)


Emergency Assembly Area Signs to Identify Safe Locations for Emergencies

  • Large holes facilitate simple installation.
  • Customization caters to your budget and business requirements.
  • Aluminum material offers extended durability. 
  • The diamond reflective finish delivers high visibility from different angles.
  • Rounded corners give a professional-quality appearance.

Emergency Assembly Area Signs are High-Quality, Durable, and Easy to Install

Enhance your organization's emergency evacuation plan with fire safety signs that effectively direct crowds to designated safe areas. They provide vital information and directions to ensure safety and security for your visitors and employees during emergency evacuation scenarios. 

Our emergency assembly area signs feature extra-thick, heavy-duty 63-mil aluminum that is rustproof and water-resistant for long-term use. They can withstand strong winds and harsh exterior conditions, allowing for reliable interior and outdoor installation.

Written graphics and letters on the evacuation assembly area signs are easily legible even from a distance due to the high-resolution digital printing with 3M outdoor inks. The signs have a bright finish and are lightfast, giving them a professional look and outstanding visibility in various lighting settings. Our premium-quality signage attracts the crowd's attention for safe and effective direction to assembly points.

The mounting holes in each corner of these fire assembly point signs make it simple to hang them in the appropriate spot. You can save time and effort while putting up the signage because you require no additional equipment. Our emergency signs improve readiness for use and speed-to-market by significantly reducing labor and installation costs.

Evacuation Assembly Area Signs Have a Reflective Finish and Offer Longevity

With 3M support, our fire safety signs deliver longevity for up to 10 years. You can use our safety signs both outside and indoors and offer consistent returns on investment for your facility.

For added protection from outdoor elements, our signs include a 3M™ Diamond Grade DG³ reflective finish. Our emergency assembly area signs can withstand external exposure while maintaining brightness and visibility in indoor and outdoor environments.

Evacuation Assembly Area Signs are Easy to Order

Depending on your budget and urgency, several shipping choices are available for these fire safety signs. Choose doorstep delivery to save on time and transportation expenses for maximum convenience. 

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