DigiPrint HD Logo Mats


Premium HD Logo Mats come with a thickness of 5/16”

Our digiPrint HD indoor floor mats are a great way not just to advertise your brand but also to give a personal touch to your living space. Made of heavy-duty materials, they make a perfect addition to commercial buildings, shops, stores, and homes.

Boasting an overall mat thickness of 5/16”, the surface of our HD logo floor mats is made of robust nylon yarn. The carpet weight is 32 oz/sq yd. Exhibiting properties such as high-tensile strength, elasticity, durability, and enhanced abrasion resistance, our mats are static dissipative that gives them anti-slip surface patterns for sure footing.

A unique stain-stopper solution is also used on the mats to block tough stains. It helps them withstand abrasions, heat, spills, and heavy foot traffic. Being resistant to wear and tear, they are thus low on maintenance mat.

The shapes of our HD logo floor mats are not just limited to circles, rectangles, and squares. You can personalize these mats in any shape you want. Simply use our free design tool to create your own pattern. You can also opt for your size scaling option and customize your design/artwork. There is also the option of scanning our website to get ideas from the templates created by our team of talented designers.

Our Custom Floor Mats Boast High-Definition Print Quality

High-definition digital printing technology is used to enhance the look of our mats. .This cutting-edge technique prints at 10 times the resolution of conventional mats, allowing for vast color options. The permanent ink pigmentation does not fade or rub away even when exposed to heat or other weather conditions.

These easy-to-clean mats come in a variety of sizes - from 2 ft X 3 ft to 6 ft x 12 ft. So you can pick the ones that best fit your space.

Custom Floor Mats Available at a Bulk Quantity Discount

You can order our HD logo floor mats in quantities ranging from 2 and above and grab a bulk purchase discount.