DigiPrint HD Custom Shapes Logo Mats - Landscape


Custom logo mats are a fantastic addition to any basketball court or sporting arena. They have become a staple in the sporting world and any good court needs a logo mat. While athletes love walking across their team logo on the court, their uses go beyond sports as they double for great seals or company logos. Custom logo mats become a beautiful part of an office building. Especially with DigiPrint HD, these logo mats really pop out at you. Their striking detail is uncompromising and with their special printing technology, logo mats can be made in any shape or size. These custom shapes logo mats are perfect for whatever symbol or logo you choose. These mats are specially designed for heavy foot traffic. The ink is permanently dyed and will never fade or rub away, no matter the wear and tear on the mat. These custom logo mats are also treated with Stain Stopper -- a special solution -- to make sure their indoor use is uncompromised. Because of the advanced printing technology, these custom logo floor mats have unlimited color options and will print at 10 times the resolution of other mats. DigiPrint HD's custom logo floor mats will transform any area as you walk across your team or company logo.

Before, logo floor mats were restricted to predetermined shapes -- usually in circles, rectangles, squares. This didn-t allow customers to order exactly what they wanted, and their logos were held back by the rigid dimensions offered. But now you can get any custom shape you wish with DigiPrints unique technology. This allows your brand to really stand out and make an impact on an audience. Logo floor mats are the perfect way to promote your company, or sports teams-, image. Now, with the ability to customize these mats more than ever, they are a no-brainer.

These distinctive custom logo floor mats are the perfect solution for any floor type. DigiPrint Custom Shape Indoor Floor Mats offer the best quality and detail for your image and come in any shape or size. Get one today and add a new dimension to your office floor, building lobby, or basketball court.