Diesel Only Decal (Non Reflective)

Diesel Only Decal (Non Reflective)


Diesel Only Decals (Non-Reflective) Offer Clear Labels for Pumps

  • The vinyl material makes the decals durable.
  • Latex printing technology creates quality graphics.
  • A squeegee tool makes the signs easy to apply.
  • A ready-to-use design saves you time and effort.
  • Various shipping methods are available to meet your needs. 

Effortlessly Apply High-Quality and Durable Diesel Only Decals

Properly labeling areas helps lessen confusion for your staff and customers and keeps your establishment running smoothly. Using certain types of displays helps provide clarity and visibility, and proper labels help to avoid accidents or confusion when handling hazardous liquids or gases. Our fuel station signs offer a simple and cost-effective method to showcase your company's message or information unique to your business.

The flammable warning signs consist of a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a kraft paper lining that give the decals durability. For additional convenience, the vinyl materials are waterproof, allowing their use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

We use latex printing technology to produce the graphics and text seen on the fuel station signs. Full-color printing offers high resolution with incredible color fidelity. With a sharp contrast, the details are visible even from a distance, which helps attract attention to your displays. The high-quality look ensures your signage will effectively communicate your message. 

To save you time and effort, the gas station signs come with a squeegee tool. This device offers easy handling and pressure control to ensure that your decals effectively adhere to various types of surfaces.

Fuel Station Signs are Ready to Use and Long-lasting

Utilize your flammable warning signs almost immediately, as they come with the graphics and text preprinted on them. The simple design allows your business to install the signage quickly to save you time and effort.

With optional lamination, the gas station signs have 5-year longevity. The additional protection maintains the appearance of the signs.

Easily Order Your Diesel Only Decals

Various shipping methods are available to help meet your company's budget and delivery time demands. For convenience, have the fuel station signs shipped to your doorstep.

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