Desktop Sneeze Guard


Strong Acrylic Desktop Sneeze Guards Protect Everyone

To promote health and wellness at your workplaces, you may need to take extra steps and safety measures for your employees' sake. Our safety sneeze guards provide an optimal method of defending your staff and visitors to keep them feeling healthy.

We use cast acrylic to ensure the bank sneeze guards remain strong. They will stay in a reliable condition as your employees work with them. Save on the cost of supplies by using the same guards over a long period.

The tabletop sneeze guards include 3 sections that are easy to see through. With 1 panel in the front and another on either side, they create a solid wall that separates each employee's workspace from that of their coworkers. The guards keep the user safe from particulates while still making it easy to interact with others.

These business sneeze guards feature a careful finish to give them a quality appearance. They are visually appealing and provide a comfortable environment for your staff as they do their jobs. If you need customers or guests to come to your business in person, the barriers can keep them safe and provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Safety Sneeze Guards are Customizable

If your business features desks of varying size, you can use our web-based service to personalize the bank sneeze guards. We make it easy to alter them to suit the specific needs of your staff.

Our tabletop sneeze guards have blunt corners to keep your hands safe while handling them. They are a good way to protect your staff.

Desktop Sneeze Guards Can Ship Quickly

We offer a priority freight option when you order business sneeze guards. Provide the number of guards needed and your address to get your order within a minimum of 7 days.

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