Printed Matte Paper Bags

Printed Matte Paper Bags


Quality Printed Matte Paper Bags Give A Profession Look

  • Full-color digital printing on 170 GSM or 300 GSM Art paper
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Matte lamination gives neat and solid look.
  • Ideal for gifting, shopping and brand promotions.
  • We'll match nylon handle color to the chosen bag design.

Durable Matte Laminated Paper Bags Available in Varying Weights and Sizes

Retail packaging needs to catch up with the times and become more innovative to compete in today's market. Customers love printed matte paper bags, which are ideal for premium retail and events. Matte-finished bags tend to have a more professional appearance. Lots of people seem to be fascinated by this matte look.

Both 170 GSM and 300 GSM Art papers are available to make the paper bags. The varying weights of GSM paper allow one to precisely match with a preferred paper type to fulfill specific applications. Essentially, the higher the GSM, the heavier and thicker the paper. Due to their inherent properties, paper bags decompose by themselves when they are discarded in nature.

The bags are available in a range of sizes, making them suitable for transporting small, medium or large items. Because of their utility as storage containers, they are commonly carried around. As a result, with a greater possibility of brand visibility, you may quickly promote your business at a low cost.

BannerBuzz creates and distributes a variety of high-quality, durable paper bags to meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers. Our paper bags are stylish and durable enough to be used more than once.

Personalized Printed Matte Paper Bags Increase Brand Awareness

Printed matte paper bags can be personalized as per the customer’s requirements. Our high-resolution, full-color digital printing provides crisp text and vivid photos. You may count on us for both single- and double-sided printing needs.

They come in a wide variety of color palettes, including white, black, chocolate, blue, red, and pink. The exterior of the bag will feature a solid print of the color you select, while the inner will remain white. The handles are made of nylon, and the color will be chosen to match your bag's design.

Fast and On-Time Production of Versatile Matte Laminated Paper Bags

Our matte laminated paper bag orders and custom print works are processed and sent using cutting-edge technology to meet our customers' deadlines. Our adaptable in-line manufacturing process allows us to provide the customer with numerous customization options, such as size, style, quality and color.