Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Vinyl Banners


Takeout Curbside Available Vinyl Banners Inform of Your Operating Status

High-Quality Custom Vinyl Banners are Durable and Easy to Personalize

When the type of service offered by your company needs to change due to new regulations, it may be a challenge to convey this information to customers. Our banners can help you tell current and potential customers that your restaurant or bar takes orders for takeouts and curbside collection. Drive thru banners make it easy for passers-by to interpret the message. By directing enquiries to your website, you increase online traffic and exposure to your business.

Made of a high-quality PVC flex material, the banners are robust and can withstand regular wear and tear. The banners are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Reduce advertising costs by effectively communicating your business message with our PVC flex banners, which are not only re-usable but also resistant to weather.

Our 720 DPI printing delivers vibrant, long-lasting color while also preserving the graphics on the banners. High-resolution printing of the banners ensures the graphics are noticeable. The full-color printing gives the banners a wide range of hues, ensuring that the custom vinyl banners are eye-catching. Vivid colors increase visibility and provide a way to attract the attention of individuals driving and strolling through the vicinity.

Choose from a variety of size options to meet your business needs. Other selections range from lamination to wind flaps and two-sided banners. With the message visible on both the front and back, two-sided banners have a larger reach. Add extra accessories or upgrade to our premium 16 oz with UV printing to enhance the appearance of the banners. Depending on your business needs, attach the curbside delivery signs to poles or walls using the required fasteners, such as grommets, hooks, or pole pockets.

Drive Thru Banners are Eco-Friendly and Ready To Use

Created with eco-solvent printing processes, the PVC flex banners help conserve the environment. Being a recyclable product provides a low carbon footprint. The banners contribute to your company's goal of conveying business services while also encouraging social responsibility by helping to keep the environment clean and pollution-free.

Simply position our ready-to-use banners at the desired location. With our pre-printed option, there is no need to design them yourself, which saves time and effort. Choose from a variety of pre-designed banners, depending on your business's offerings. With our takeout only signs, you can communicate your offerings to your customers efficiently.

Custom Vinyl Banners are Low Maintenance

Vinyl banners are simple to maintain. The takeout only signs are easy to clean with a damp cloth, eliminating the need for any detergent or cleaning solution, saving both time and money.

Display Your Company's Core Services With Curbside Delivery Signs

Hanging a custom banner can help market your message for nearly every occasion. Attract viewers to your company's services and engage with potential customers with our PVC flex banners.

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