Colored Paper Bags

Colored Paper Bags


Colored Paper Bags Are Reusable As Compared To A Wrapper

  • Manufactured from 130 GSM Kraft Paper.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • It comes in 6 vibrant colors.
  • Ideal for gifting, shopping and brand promotions.
  • Paper handle color matching to the chosen bag color.

Durable Colored Paper Bags Come in a Variety of Colors

Colored paper bags create a kind of joyful energy to both the giver and recipient. The way a gift is presented can have a significant impact on the recipient's happiness. These bags are ideal for sending presents, protecting decorative items, or simply carrying about while you shop. So why should you buy paper bags from BannerBuzz? Discover the answer here.

This colored paper bag with handle is durable, eco-friendly, and versatile because it is made from strong 130 GSM Kraft Paper, which is recyclable and biodegradable. The paper bags come in six vivid hues, including white, black, chocolate, blue, red, and pink.

Please note that any exterior color you select will be a solid print of that color, while the interior will remain a continuous white. Handles are made of paper and will match the bag's exterior color.

Colored Shopping Bags Available in a Range of Sizes

Feeling rushed and need last-minute help with packing party favors? Just browse our online store and select from our alluring variety of assorted color paper bags. The size of the gift would have a significant impact on the size of the paper bag.

Choose the smaller sized paper bags if you plan on giving a jewelry or a package of candies as a present. Clothes, toys, and school supplies can all fit nicely in the medium sized paper bags. Showpieces and other crockery items can be given as gifts when packaged in the large paper bags.

Buy Color Paper Gift Bags Based on the Occasion

If you are heading for a kids' birthday party, colorful paper bags with cartoon stickers would enthuse the child. For events like weddings and receptions, simple paper bags with elegant colors would be the perfect ones to put your gifts into.