Canvas Wine Bags - Non Printed

Canvas Wine Bags - Non Printed


Keep Your Wine Bottle Safe from Damages With Our Canvas Wine Bag

  • Made of durable canvas material, weighing 4 Oz.
  • Engineered with 100% biodegradable canvas for long life.
  • Available in a premium off white base color.
  • Bags are spacious enough to carry multiple items.

Canvas Wine Bags Engineered With 100% Biodegradable Canvas

The mention of ‘wine’ conjures up images of celebration, comfort, and luxury. Lately, the idea of gifting a classic wine has gained precedence, leading to the creation of accessories such as a wine bag. Gifting a bare bottle doesn’t look good. Additionally, the bottle becomes prone to damage when it is kept outside. A wine bag is an all-in-one solution to keep your bottle in a pristine condition, while allowing you to carry your gift in style.

At BannerBuzz, our premium-quality canvas wine bags are designed with utility in mind. This bag is a safe refuge for your vintage brews and expensive wine bottles. Featuring high durability and a long life, our bags are engineered to withstand wear and tear like none other. Boasting an attractive design, these canvas wine bags are ideal for gifting premium wine at social gatherings such as parties, birthdays and anniversaries.

Our bespoke canvas wine bags are made of 100% biodegradable canvas.These bags are highly sustainable, allowing you to make a difference in the. Ensuring that the bags don’t end up in landfills year after year and cause pollution, our bags are renewable with no damaging effects.

Being highly resilient, our canvas wine bags are spacious. With these bags, you can carry your expensive wine bottle as a gift for your loved one without any hassles. Whether you’re a business traveler who likes to bring back some wine for your spouse or simply a wine lover who enjoys bringing back a souvenir, our canvas wine bag is perfect for it all.

Canvas Wine Bag Available in One Standard Size

Made of durable canvas material, weighing just about 4 Oz, our canvas wine bag is available in a standard size of 6.5 In x 14 In. Our wine bag has a net weight of 3 kg.

Ordering Your Canvas Wine Bag is Simple & Straightforward

Placing your order for our canvas wine bag is absolutely hassle-free. Upon selecting your preferred bag size, all you have to do is checkout, and your bag will be delivered straight to your doorstep. Yes, our order process is that easy!