We’re Here for You. We’re Here for Each Other

To all our customers – 

Right now we find ourselves at a unique crossroads in time, searching for solutions to a problem whose scope is beyond anything we’ve ever encountered before. And it’s moving quickly, affecting our jobs, our families, and our communities. It is in that last word – communities – that we will find the strength to not only persevere but to emerge stronger and more resilient than ever.

To that end, I wanted to reach out and let you know we’re here to help in any way we can. As always, the best place to effect change is in your own home, or in this case, business. So, we thought we’d let you know what we’re doing to adjust to the effects of COVID-19.

We’ve set up our office and customer service center employees to work from home, which should allow us to minimize any disruption in service for our customers. As for our production, supply, and warehouse facilities, each are housed in separate areas within each of our locations with plenty of space to put into practice the social distancing recommended by the WHO. In some respects, it’s already a way of life for us at BannerBuzz. Even so, we’re still being mindful of keeping that 6’ of distance between us at all times.

Our distribution centers continue to ship orders while minimizing contact through physical spacing. As always, we’ll contact you in the event that any open order is impacted by factors beyond our control and work with you to find possible alternative solutions. We’ve also implemented the WHO’s surface cleaning practices to ensure the safety of our employees as well as those who deliver and receive our packages. And we’re providing flexibility to those staff members who feel they may be at risk for illness.

But more important than that, we’re here to support you. We’re busy creating a page to keep you updated on the all of the latest developments on COVID19 as well as resources available and tips on how to operate your business during this difficult time. We’ll let you know as soon it’s live, but until then, here is some of the information you’ll be able to find there:

  • WHO page, Coronavirus information page:


  • CDC page


  • Resources for the Communities


  • US Small Business Administration


  • Facebook Small Business Grants Program


  • National Institutes of Health


Join our community group and add your positive energy. We’re all in this together, and while this will eventually end, no one knows for sure how – or when. But what you have to say can help others and, in turn, give yourself a boost of positivity. Because there’s one thing we do know: we’re going to have to work together to get through this. 

How can we do that? 

First, by shifting your business online. Replace daily store traffic and customer interactions with your online presence. Keep in touch with customers and update them on operating hours, delivery options, and special promotional offers. While it’s not the same as face-to-face, it’s as personal as we can get right now and your customers will appreciate it.

Now let’s take that a step further. We’re going to help you sell your products by using our own customer database. We can send emails, run Facebook promotions – everything is open for discussion to help your business make the sales you need. 

Lastly, we want to help connect you with other small businesses to form a supportive community motivated by a shared desire to not just survive, but thrive. It’s about building bridges of communication for everyone. Community takes effort, and effort leads to affecting positive outcomes. Just help us with your detail by filling the form and we’ll get started. And keep an eye out for our webpage dedicated all things COVID19.


Nishant Shah


Design Print Banner LLC

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