4 Ways To Promote Your Business On Easter In Under $40

Do you know Americans are expected to spend a whopping $18.11 billion this Easter, thus making it one of the most profitable holidays of the year right after Christmas? That means your business is bound to face heavy competition for consumer dollars during the festive season.

Festivals offer a great opportunity to small businesses to generate massive revenues, boost their visibility and build customer loyalty. We see that often happening during Christmas and Valentine’s Day when businesses produce a flurry of consumer activity through both online and offline marketing efforts. Easter is no exception.

Therefore, to avoid getting lost in the crowd, you should not only run some special offers and promotions during the Easter weekend but also market yourself in such a way that your potential customers get instantly motivated to visit your store and buy from you.

With the right use of banners and decals, you can visually capture the attention of your prospective customers and increase the likelihood of them stopping by your store to check out what you have to offer.

We have picked top four ways for you to promote your business this Easter:

1) Display your offer on shop windows with Vinyl Decals, starting at $6.00

If you run a store on a busy street or in a significant commercial complex alongside a few competitors, then these vinyl decals are ideal.

Statistically speaking, you don’t have more than five seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention before they get distracted. If the design and content of the advert are perfect, it can make you stand apart from your competitors.

Window vinyl decals turn a bland exterior display into something exciting that attracts even the most reluctant consumers to come and check out your store. They are weatherproof and tear-resistant, and that makes them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.



2) Go for Korean Style X Banner Stands for your advertising endeavors, starting at $38.35

Such custom banners are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble, making them an ideal choice for trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions. However, you can also place them outside your store or inside, near the shop windows.

Available in multiple sizes and colors, they don’t require any pins, tapes or strings for setting up. Use Korean Style X Banner Stands for promoting your offer if your messaging is limited because it allows one banner to be displayed at a time.


3) Convert your floor space into an attractive marketing area with floor decals, starting at $9.99

People often look towards the ground whenever they walk. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t leverage the potential of floors to market their products. This Easter, seize the opportunity and have all passersby know about your business or special offer with custom street and indoor floor decals.

Custom vinyl floor decals are already used in offices, schools, supermarkets and other places. Why not use these for standing out among your competitors?



4) Make your offer “highly” visible with Hanging Clamp banners, starting at $13.50

If you want your business to make a splash this Easter, then look no further than these hanging clamp banners. They can be suspended from the ceiling of your store – just right near the windows or wherever there is open space. Maximize the effect of your sale by ensuring your messaging can be seen from all angles.

Such banners are easy to set up, lightweight and portable. Apart from retail shops, Hanging Clamp Banners are also popularly used in trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions.


Wrapping up

Align your business goals with the spirit of the festive season. After all – Easter symbolizes hope, rejuvenation and new life.

There are many ways that you, as a small business owner, can promote his or her store during Easter. Now that the festival is less than three weeks away, it is best to start promotions and create awareness about your offer at the earliest.

BannerBuzz can help you sort out your banners and decals within a short frame of time. When you create the right amount of visibility for your offer, you are sure to drive higher sales during the festival.

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