Getting Personal: 5 Things Small Businesses Can Learn From Guerilla Marketing


In order to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market, sometimes you have to embrace a more unconventional strategy. That’s where the flexibility and possibilities created by guerilla marketing become vital. As a distinct form of advertising that sets itself apart from traditional advertising methods, guerilla marketing reaches customers in many surprising and clever ways. Rather than the more ubiquitous methods of marketing, we are all used to seeing, guerilla-style marketing is a more subtle presence in our day-to-day lives and plays upon consumers’ subconscious. It’s there, it’s perceived, but it feels personal and unique. Many successful companies have embraced this strategy for innovative solutions over the more conspicuous practices of traditional marketing. The good news is, there are lessons you can learn to help you add guerilla marketing tactics to your toolbox and give your marketing campaign the boost it needs.

Handwritten And Heartfelt

In this digitally dominated world, a handwritten note sent via postal service makes a bold statement. Taking the time to write your clients a note by hand shows that you went above and beyond in customer service. As Steve Jobs once said, “marketing is really about ethics.” With that quote in mind, think about what steps you are taking to build a reputable relationship between yourself and the customer. Consider what values you want to present when interacting with your clientele, and implement them in your communication.

However, even the most well crafted, handwritten notes can be easily squandered by illegible penmanship. Handwriting has become an unfortunate causality of the migration to online communication. Outsourcing production of artistically curated notes presents yet another opportunity for you as a business owner to go above and beyond to appease your client list. Using professional and elegant stationery with your brand’s logo on it, along with your contact information allows for customers to follow up through their own snail mail or by the information superhighway.

Shine A (High)light

Targeted ad campaigns tailored to fit the needs of your clients highlights the relationship you share. Taking the time to assess the value you see in the business your clientele brings allows you to adequately and thoughtfully engage every customer individually. Make sure that your message conveys how your relationship can be mutually beneficial, and encourage them to share any interesting thoughts they have with you in an equal exchange of ideas. This invites them into a more personable space, allowing you to remove the limitations and elements that might otherwise keep your advertising campaigns stagnant. Embrace the less traditional means to reach and maintain your valued customers.

Get Behind The Camera

Video ads pop up frequently on sites like Youtube, but how many of those embraces the tactics implored by guerilla marketing? Guerilla methods are all about inconspicuous efficiency. This means videos that appear to be made with a phone or other handheld device in contrast to studio production. Videos with a handmade quality or aspect feel more authentic and resonate on a deeper level with your audience. This has proven to be a popular marketing technique for many brands, especially those marketed towards youth demographics. Just make sure you keep your phone in landscape mode and your hand steady when filming.

When it comes to small business marketing, the beauty of guerilla methods is that it can easily be implemented in-house and at a cost-effective rate. Handmade videos can easily be done on your phone with the help of free video editing apps or with programs on your laptop. Remember, your brand is only as memorable as your ads, so be sure to stay original and true to your message. 

Unconventional Approaches

When deciding which marketing method to implement in your next campaign, look at the contrasting elements in traditional vs. guerilla campaigns. If the verbiage reads as preplanned and scripted, that is a more traditional approach. If the ad is making cultural references or jokes about their product, that would fall under guerilla-style marketing. Implementing the latter method in your marketing gives your ads an authentic flair that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Looking at Youtube again, consider the fact that many tech companies have implemented unconventional ads that showcase what creators have shared on their platforms. You can easily implement this for your small business by using your imagination and utilizing the messages that you find inspiring and most likely to connect with your audience. 

Hit The Road

Moving advertisements are a gutsy marketing initiative that takes advertising to the next level. Car decals allow you to create a moving billboard without any hassle. All you need is a set of wheels and a high-quality decal. Once your decal is applied, make sure that you are driving safely as your driving habits will now be associated with your brand. Another tip to keep in mind is to use colors that both compliment your brand and aren’t a distraction to other drivers on the road.

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