How to Win with Playoff Promotions: 6 Ways Sports Can Boost Sales

While most retail stores center promotions around Halloween or Christmas celebrations, sometimes taking the road less traveled can help your business stand out from the rest. With National Coaches Day and playoff season right around the corner, businesses can harness the popularity of sports and channel it into brand-boosting promotions. Read on to see how your business can score big with sports-themed promotions.

Set Your Schedule

Timing is everything when it comes to promotions and sports are no exception. Here are some of the major sporting events to keep on your radar:

  • October: World Series
  • October: Grand Prix
  • December: Rose Bowl
  • January: College Football National Championship
  • February: NHL All-Stars
  • February: Superbowl

Preparing a schedule in advance will help you effectively market your promotions, reach new customers, and drive in-store foot traffic. If your business is loyal to a specific sports team, print signs and banners with the team’s schedule and your corresponding promotions for each game. These steps keep customers in the loop so they know when to pay your business a visit and join in the team spirit.

Promote Using Signs and Banners

From tailgates to special events and giveaways, there are many ways to tie sports into your Q4 promotions. Marketing your promotions ahead of these events is key to pulling off successful outcomes. Signs and banners give you the visibility you need to attract a great turnout for your sporting events.

When you create a sports-centric promotion, be sure to include the following on your signage:

  • Add promotion dates and event times
  • Include special pricing or product offerings
  • Use sporty CTA to encourage customer participation
  • Highlight giveaways or raffles if you offer these options
  • Print your business name with directional prompts
  • Show readers how they can sign up for your event

Partner With New Businesses

Brand partnerships help businesses gain more exposure and traction, especially when you partner with complimentary industries. For instance, car dealerships can partner with local mechanics, restaurants can partner with specialty food and beverage vendors, and retailers can partner with local artisans. Contractors can team up with real estate agents to host a tailgate for current clients too. These are just a few examples of effective promotional partnerships, so get creative with your networking to find the perfect promotional partner for your business.

Score Big with Sales

Your business can generate buzz with sports-themed sales. Connect with marketers at your local sports arenas to see if you can sponsor a sign, buy advertising space on game day brochures or pass out flyers ahead of kickoff. Boost team spirit by offering special discounts if your local team wins the championship of offer a percent off for each touchdown or point your team scores.

You can promote sales before big events, too, so customers can stock up on game day essentials. Play up the fun atmosphere with turf, flags, and shelf banners to pop your sports-themed product displays

Have Fun with Fundraisers

Fundraisers can be an excellent way to demonstrate your gratitude to coaches who work tirelessly to build and shape teams. These fundraising activities can also serve as strategic marketing opportunities that foster a sense of community. You can run game-day sales or set up curbside pop-up stores where a portion of the sales will go towards supporting your local teams.

You could even purchase sporting goods and equipment or sponsoring team travel expenses. Percentage nights, team donations, and sponsorships are great ways to support recreational leagues and give back to your customers. Offer coaches a discount and highlight your local sports heroes with in-store banners and brochures. These strategies will boost your brand awareness and build trust with your customers.

Kick-Off a Successful Season

If you want to add playoff season to your promotional schedule, you have no time to waste. Decide which sports and teams resonate most with your consumers. Next, bring in inventory and create service packages that work with your sports theme. Host an event or offer special pricing for major game days to drive foot traffic.

Once you’ve developed a winning marketing plan, it’s time to get the word out to customers. Leverage signs, banners, and social media to connect with customers and drive in-store traffic. You can incentivize participation with raffles, giveaways, and free gifts.

Use this checklist as a guide for creating your next sports-themed promotion:

  • Decide which sports and teams you will promote.
  • Set an event schedule and showcase this information for customers.
  • Share your promotions with signage and social media.
  • Give yourself 4-8 weeks to plan and prep your events.
  • Order specially-themed shirts for employees and swag for guests.
  • Promote your pricing discounts on signs, menus, and flyers.
  • Add sporty elements to in-store merchandising displays.
  • Sponsor a local team or highlight standout coaches and players in your community.
  • Partner with complimentary businesses to host a memorable event.

Keep all of these considerations in mind when you develop your playoff promotions so you can have a winning sales season.

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