COVID-19 Signage- The Best Approach to Keep Your Customers Informed About Your Business

This is a stressful time for most of the businesses around the world- big and small alike. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the globe and nothing seems the usual. Most of the businesses are concerned about how to communicate effectively with their customers. At this point, it’s vital to make your customers aware of how you are adapting to the situation. They might be having many questions such as:

  • Whether you are still offering services.
  •  If it is safe to use your services.
  •  If you have changed your working hours.
  •  Are your shipping/delivery?
  • Is there any change in your offerings?

Amidst these difficult times, you do not have a lot of options to tackle all this effectively. It is where signage comes to the rescue. Custom COVID-19 signs for businesses is the best way to go about and ensure that your customers have answers to their concerns. These coronavirus signs are not just a great informational tool for businesses, but to educate, inform, and motivate everyone around you as well.


What Are COVID-19 Signs?

Just like regular signs & banners, Coronavirus signage includes printed signs and banners in different forms- stickers, posters, vinyl banners, yard signs, printed flyers, awareness compliance signs, signboards to a lot more. Regardless of what you opt for, pre-designed signs or custom printed signs, a quality printed safety sign is a great way to respond to this pandemic and to keep your communication flowing effectively.

What Are the Benefits of Using a COVID-19 Sign?

The prime objective of a printed sign is always to keep others informed about something that can be of their use. It can be anything from a store promotion to a warning. From a business point of view, Coronavirus signs are meant to keep the customers informed about the updated actions/strategies. Similarly, COVID-19 signs for workplace work in the same way for your employees. Even at an individual level, they are of great use to keep the general masses educated and informed about this fast-spreading disease. If you are still not sure how to effectively use these signs, here’s a few examples for your quick understanding:

  •  Update your customers about your working hours, delivery changes, pick-up services, curbside pickup options (if available), temporary closure or anything else that’s important for them and your business.
  • Spread general awareness about coronavirus by installing an awareness sign.
  •  Encourage social distancing in your store by installing COVID-19 window signs/floor decals or posters.
  • Make your community aware of the precautionary measures, like advocating frequent hand washing. Even a small initiative is of utmost importance during these tough times.

A temporary closure, state advisory, quarantine notice, cut-down service hours to anything else- promote whatever needs the attention of the masses with a coronavirus banner or sign.

Where Can You Find These Signs?

We at BannerBuzz have recently launched an expansive range of COVID-19 safety signs and banners. There is everything you need for your business, workplace or individual advertising needs. To meet different requirements, we are offering our display signs in a variety of materials/forms. You can pick yours based on the effectiveness, price, usability, installation/finishing preferences, etc.; all based on your space/advertising requirements.

Explore the entire range of COVID-19 signs now at BannerBuzz. To help you in these uncertain times, we are further offering free shipping and on-time delivery, plus 20% off on these safety signs and banners. You can always get in touch with our team for design, customization or any other concern related to ordering.

Also, we are in the process of offering FREE COVID-19 signs giveaway. Check back soon to know more about it. We hope to see you soon!

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