Choosing the Right Banner for Your Advertisement

Has any one of you experienced ambiguity while shopping for groceries or even apparel? Probably most of you, correct? But then knowing your exact requirement is the key. Apropos, from a variety of banners available in the market, which one suits your application and priority is often a tough call to make. Let’s define a few metrics from the customer viewpoint and then differentiate based on the same.

  • Define/Identify Your Application:Whether be it a trade show or an emerging business, a cool college project or announcement for a church. Application could be outdoor or indoor. If the application would need a single sided or a double sided banner. High-level ramification includes Vinyl, Mesh, Backlit, Canvas, Fabric and so on. Most of them come with grommets and hem and hardware can be eventually added given the need. This brings x-banner stand, adjustable, retractable, roll-up and similar types.
  • Decide On The Variants:9 to 15oz is the normal range for vinyl banner weights. Depending on your application say 9oz is used in indoor and/or short term uses while 15oz would be outdoor and run longer.Mesh banners have holes in them for the air to pass through. Their variants would contain ratios of 60/40 or 70/30.
  • Prioritize The Metrics:Now that you know about the physical properties lets decide on the priorities so that one can maximize the benefit from your buy. A mesh banner is used in windy weather conditions, whereas backlit as the name suggests can maximize your advertisement at nighttime, being a white back banner. Though most vinyl banners are weather resistant, one can also opt for lamination if the need be for it to use for a longer duration. A canvas, fabric or table throw banners are good examples of indoor types.

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