8 Ways Your Business Can Congratulate the Class of ’22

After two years of online education and graduations, students are back to their routine life on campuses. What does that mean for business owners? Well, it is an opportunity to put your creativity to work and attract more customers to your store. Graduation is an exciting time for students and their families. There is a new found spirit of joy and delight. 

Graduation is a milestone that garners celebration, and families may be willing to go the extra mile to make the day special. As a business owner, this is an opportunity for you to engage with new clients and offer them something new and exciting. Here are a few ideas to get going and celebrate with these youngsters standing at an inflection point in their lives.

Host a Graduation Party

If your budget allows, you and other businesses in your area can organize a graduation party for the students in the neighborhood. Think of it as a community event where everyone in the family can come together to celebrate this momentous time.

Plan for fun, entertainment, food, and drinks, and it will be an event no one would want to miss. You can also showcase your products that you think people will be interested in buying at such an event. As an invite, try using yard signs and give the event an intriguing twist.

Offer Celebration Packs

One of the easiest things you can do is offer a graduation celebration pack to the students. For instance, you can curate a selection of items such as frames, banners, personalized coffee cups, and t-shirts.

If your business involves home decor, you can offer a room makeover pack. Similarly, if you’re in the beauty and wellness niche, you can give out winding down self-care packs with essential oils, a pedicure set, and aromatic candles.

Hand Out Discounts

Young students are always on the lookout for promotions and offers. Offering student discounts around the time of graduation can help your business pick up sales. For instance, it’s a time when everyone is looking for a new dress to wear for graduation.

Many parents would agree to gift expensive items, such as cars, phones, or watches to their kids for graduating. If you are in these businesses, it’s an opportunity for you to cash in. Creating a buzz when offering such promotional schemes is essential to maximizing your sales, so use displays like banner stands or window decals for offline marketing.

Personalize Products

If your business allows personalization, there is a lot you can do. You can work with schools or the school district office to do something unique for the kids. Offer personalized pens, padfolios, or keychains to give out something memorable.

After graduation, students have some free time before they get started with their career journey. If you are into sports or fitness, you can plan a trek for the students. Consider this a marketing event where you can gift them memorabilia that will build a deeper connection with your future customers.

Similarly, you can organize a kayaking competition at your town lake, fun races to mark the end of the school calendar year, or a sports day where everyone can have fun after the grueling study months.

Set Up Celebration Kiosks

How about setting up a celebratory kiosk within the school premises on the day of graduation? It’s an idea worth your time and effort, as you will get traction from both students and their parents. 

Graduation is a day where everyone wants to etch a beautiful memory forever in their minds through photography. You can use banners or banner stands to set up a photo booth. To make it more glamorous and special, set it up like a red carpet event to create a buzz about your business.

Host an After-Party

If you have decent space in your store, you can organize a small after-party at little expense. All you need is music and some light refreshments. Invite all the graduating students as a small gesture to appreciate the kids in your community. 

You can also make it a themed party like Old Hollywood or Harry Potter. Students like to dress up and attend such parties with their friends. Themed parties will get them thinking and planning much before the event. When they come to the party, give them reasons to browse your store and pick up stuff that resonates with them.

Celebrate With Parents

Finally, parents also have a huge role to play in the success of their kids. After the graduation ceremony, the kids will be out and about to celebrate with their friends, leaving the parents back home.

Why not give them a reason to step out with other fellow parents and have a little celebration of their own? Instead of making it elaborate, you can invite them to a small and intimate tea party. All you will need is a lovely display of your products and food to win them over. 

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