8 Keys to a Successful Holiday Promotion

With the holiday season knocking on our doors, it is time for businesses to get down to brass tacks. After all, it is the busiest time of the year and an opportunity you do not want to miss. Your customers have a motivation to spend and are browsing for the best deals available. 

Your marketing strategy plays a vital role in spreading the word about your holiday promotions. With creative thinking and these smart tips on your side, you can get ahead of your competition and have a jolly good season for sales.

Shipping Incentives

If you’re not offering free shipping, your online business is missing a significant opportunity. Customers have become more selective, and free shipping is crucial for reducing instances of cart abandonment.

Consider offering conditional free shipping. For instance, you can set a limit on the number of products or the value of items to ship their products without any additional charges. In the short term, it will increase your orders and revenue. Over time, this will also help you build a loyal customer base.

Offer Gifts

With the wide world of ecommerce at their fingertips, it has become easy for customers to compare prices and look for lucrative deals. Your holiday promotion is incomplete unless you offer something extra. Customers want to feel special and expect their favorite stores to give them a deal that’s worth their money.

Collaborating with a popular brand and offering your customers a branded product at a discounted rate can be an irresistible offer to a potential customer. You can also feature special offers only available to loyal customers as a token of your appreciation.

Display Special Pricing

Your pricing strategy can get you ahead of your competition by leaps and bounds. After all,  simply selling at the lowest price points doesn’t always work and can end up hurting your business in the long run. Before you decide on your pricing for the season, check the data to identify your best-selling products. These will be the items you can sell at a higher price. 

Keep in mind that operating costs also go up during the holiday season. For instance, you may have to spend more to hire extra staff, and order supplies such as table covers, displays materials, and decorations. Factor these costs into your financial plan for the season to ensure that you won’t fall into the red.

After deciding on prices for the season, it is important to display them around your store. You can keep customers in the know by hanging custom vinyl banners and distributing brochures throughout the neighborhood.

Offer Gift Recommendations

This holiday season, your customers are going to visit your store not just to buy for themselves but for their loved ones as well. Providing them with a gift guide can help steer them in the right direction for purchasing presents. You can also bundle gifts to gain traction for slow-moving items or introduce new product launches.

Promote gift recommendations using print media like brochures or run a social media campaign. Inspiring your customers to purchase the perfect gift will increase foot traffic in your store and ensure that it’s the one stop shop for holiday gifts.

Have A Social Media Presence

Even if you are a traditional mom-and-pop establishment, having an active social media presence has become vital in today’s world. A well-run social media campaign can connect you with new customers. And when you use the tools correctly, you can target the relevant audience who would be most interested in buying your products. 

Promote A Giveaway

Planning a giveaway is the best way to spread awareness about your brand during the holiday season. A typical giveaway on a social media platform will ask the followers to share your posts and invite their friends to follow your page. 

You can also run an in-store lottery system and advertise a surprise gift for a lucky winner. For in-store scratch card schemes, you can use pop-up displays that your guests can sign up at.  

Guerilla Marketing

Have you ever seen an unconventional marketing tactic that goes viral and gets everyone talking? The holiday season is the best time to experiment with these unique promotional styles, often called guerilla marketing, and give your customers a reason to remember your business. 

The best part of guerilla marketing is that it tends to be budget-friendly. All you need is one innovative idea and the resources to execute it.

Wintertime OOH Marketing

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is one of the best ways to promote your offers and special discounts this winter. For instance, you can display custom vinyl banners or pop-up displays around town to promote your holiday season offers. 

To make your OOH advertising successful, ensure that you place your advertising in high-traffic locations and use clear, concise messaging to promote your holiday sale. 

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