10 Tips to Build Your Best Team Yet

The most important element of building an effective, productive, and engaged team is recruiting highly qualified individuals that align with your company culture and goals. A great employee team is critical for the success of your business, so keep reading to learn how you can recruit top talent. 

Host a Hiring Event

Hosting a hiring event offers a great opportunity to build strong teams, develop a pool of talent and make a long-lasting impression as an employer. To maximize your outreach, use different marketing materials, outdoor banners, table covers and custom banner stands to highlight open positions and employee benefits.

Meeting prospective candidates face to face also allows you to be more vigilant and notice qualities not listed on one’s resume, like overall personality or any other useful detail that will help you know if they will be able to contribute to your team.

Promote Open Positions

Promoting open positions is an excellent strategy in building a great team by enhancing your company’s recruitment, offering career development opportunities for your prospects as well as existing employees, and building a positive communication practice. Put “Now Hiring” window signs on your storefront to generate potential leads. 

In addition to physically advertising open positions, a well-defined internal policy to promote open positions along with fair and consistent administration can help you improve cost-per-hire, time-to-fill as well as quality-of-hire metrics.

Share on Social Media

The exponential growth of social media has dramatically changed the way organizations and their HR managers communicate and go about the hiring process. Various social media applications, such as LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp, Snapchat, Instagram, ZoomInfo, etc., offer excellent opportunities for you to share and highlight various aspects of your business to appeal to potential job candidates.

Share Benefits of Doing Business with You

With fierce competition in the market, companies generally struggle to find top-caliber talent and build strong teams. One of the ways to navigate the situation and attract quality candidates is to share compelling job benefits. Among some of these benefits could be flexible work hours, work-life balance, health and life insurance, retirement benefits, wellness programs, and more.

Share Employee Testimonials

Research suggests that a firm’s reputation as an employer significantly affects the prospective candidate’s decision to apply for a position. Sharing employee testimonials plays a huge role here, as most job candidates today want to work for organizations that value innovation, inspire purpose, and offer professional growth.

Employee reviews or testimonials show potential candidates what the company has to offer, and they tend to trust the voice of an existing employee rather than hearing it from someone up the corporate ladder.

Offer Sign-On Incentives

A sign-on incentive or bonus refers to an amount of money that a company offers to a job candidate or prospective employee as an incentive to accept the job offer. This bonus can be anything from a single, one-time payment, several payments over time, or stock options.

The sign-on incentive is an excellent way to build robust teams, as it could be your opportunity to persuade candidates to join your company and also shows that you recognize their worth and want them to be considered as a serious option.

Build a Strong Company Culture

The key to building a successful team is having a strong company culture that is based on a strongly held set of beliefs and is thoroughly supported by strategy and structure. Having a strong culture allows your employees to know how top management wants them to respond in a particular situation, and employees also know that they will be rewarded for demonstrating their organization’s values.

Know When to Work with Recruiters

Knowing when and how to work with a recruiting team is critical to building the best team and getting your company to scale as planned. As a good rule of thumb, if hiring takes up more than 25 percent of your time, it is best to work with an expert recruitment team. Also, keep in mind that if your company requires additional employees to build a team and has no process to bring them in, you’ll need the help of external recruiters.

Know How to Follow Up

Following up with every candidate who applies for any given role is a crucial part of your recruitment process, especially post-interview. Even if your response is automated, it makes sense to send at least one follow-up email to ease the candidate’s anxiety and eliminate the uncertainty that comes with applying for jobs. These seemingly small gestures can have a meaningful impact on candidates and will ensure that they remember it when making a decision or leaving a review.

Determine How Big your Team Should Be

In any workplace, teams of varied sizes behave in very different ways, which is why it’s important to determine how big your team should be. Having a very small team runs the risk of having a skills gap in important areas, whereas teams with very large sizes can lead to the risk of loss in productivity and cohesiveness. 

This is the reason why failing to strike a balance properly in terms of the size of your team might land you with a range of unnecessary problems to deal with. Follow these tips to effectively execute a hiring event and build a strong team of dedicated employees who are willing to take your company to new heights.

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