Black Face Masks

Black Face Masks


Comfortable, soft, breathable, and reusable - this is the black face mask you have been looking for.

  • Made from a breathable cotton lycra fabric
  • Not intended for Medical/surgical use
  • Budgeted Packs of 5/10/25/50/100/250/500 available

Black Face Masks: 2-Ply Masks, Perfect For Everyday Use

Even a visit to the local grocery store is no more ‘the same during this COVID-19 phase. We need to be extra cautious with regards to hygiene and safety. And to begin with, safety starts with a face mask. For anyone looking for face masks for daily use- these black face masks are just the perfect thing to buy. Right from market visits to resuming your business/work again- these reusable safety masks are an optimum solution.

The cotton fabric masks in solid black color are perfect for everyday use as they can be washed after every use. They will help block airborne viruses and contaminations to a certain level and will restrain you from touching your mouth or nose directly. These black masks for the face are made from cotton lycra fabric and do not exhibit adequate filter performance. However, they work by preventing infectious droplets from directly landing on your mouth or nose.

These masks are also a budgeted alternative to expensive medical-grade commercial face masks. We recommended you to wear them in public settings that have other social distancing measures in place. These plain cloth masks provide an extra layer of protection, hence reducing the chances of any respiratory droplets to come in direct contact with your mouth or nose. So, next time you step out of the house to take a quick trip to your local grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, or work- do not forget to put on your face mask.

NOTE: These are non-medical masks and are not intended for medical use to prevent the virus.