Black Face Masks

Black Face Masks


Use Black Face Masks to Protect Your Employees

  • The fabric is gentle on the skin and allows for easy breathing.
  • The self-fabric band provides optimal comfort, especially when worn for long periods of time.
  • Get two layers of security with the two-ply construction.
  • Cleaning the masks with detergent and water is fast and simple.

Black Cloth Face Masks are Gentle and Easy to Breathe In

Masks are often an important tool for businesses and organizations outside of the medical field. When you want to take extra steps to ensure the health of your staff, face masks may be handy to have. Our safety face masks provide a shield that protects against various airborne particles and pathogens.

The porous cotton lycra fabric makes the washable face masks more pleasant to use. The material also enables you to breathe easily. Continue your daily tasks unhindered and in a suitable amount of comfort.

Self-fabric bands in the breathable face masks protect the ears and keep your skin feeling comfortable. These face coverings are gentle enough to wear throughout the whole day.

Greatly increase your level of protection against small particulates and ensure your continued health with the two-ply construction of these masks. All of our non-medical masks feature two layers of security, providing you and your employees with a feeling of safety when interacting with clientele at your business.

Safety Face Masks are Simple to Wash and Safe to Reuse

These washable face masks can help you save on costs, as you can continue using the same ones multiple times. Cleaning the masks by hand is simple and you only need a gentle cleanser or soap and heated water.

Breathable face masks come in different pack sizes, ranging from 5 to 500. These options make it easy for small businesses or large companies with a sizable workforce to choose what is most suitable for them.

Black Cloth Face Masks are Adaptable

Different styles of non-medical masks are available, including fashionable and simple ones. They go with all kinds of outfits, whether formal or relaxed. The masks are also suitable for all colors of skin.

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