Austria Flag

Austria Flag

  • Knitted polyester fabric offers durability
  • A choice of different sizes is available.
  • A high-quality dye sublimation printing technique is used.
  • Option to choose grommets & pole pockets is available.
  • Single-sided flag with 50-60% visibility from the backside.

Austria Flag Available in Different Sizes of Your Choice

National days. Trade shows. Parades. Exhibits. Whatever the occasion, you can now display the flag of Austria with pride. It’s made from high-quality and long-lasting material that remains fresh for years. You can order it in three different sizes, depending on your usage and installation preferences.

The Austrian flag is made of carefully knitted graphic cloth that weighs 90 GSM. The knitted fabric makes our flags lightweight and wrinkle resistant. This feature also adds to the durability to our fabric, making it long-lasting.

Available in four different size variants, our flags come in landscape view. The different sizes available are 1.5" ft x1" ft, 3" ft x 2" ft, 6" ft x 4" ft, 9" ft x 6"ft.

You can order the fabric flag on its own, and the hardware separately. Your convenience is always top of mind. You can also choose if you want your Austria flag pre-installed with metal grommets or pole pockets. Up to 3” of white pole pockets can also be added. So it will always suit your needs.

Our Flag of Austria is Easy to Maintain

The vibrant colours imprinted in the cloth ensure that the flag will remain for years. Unlike typical outdoor advertisements or events, our print can withstand any environment without losing its lustre.

Our flags are incredibly easy to maintain. They can simply be washed machine washed or hand washed with mild liquid detergent and warm water.

Single Side Flag with Visibility on Back Side

Our flags are printed on one side only, but the image extends to the opposite side, creating a mirrored image. On the rear, the image visibility is 50-60%. The two colors - red and white are strongly printed to make a strong first impression.