Area Of Refuge Braille Sign

Area Of Refuge Braille Sign


Stylish and Robust Area of Refuge Braille Signs with Tactile Text 

  • Available in 2 contrasting color combinations for better visibility. 
  • Made of durable 1/16" thick non-glare acrylic sheet. 
  • Signs are grade 2 Braille compliant. 
  • Available in a standard size of 8” x 8” (W x H). 

Buy Durable Area Of Refuge ADA Braille Signs to Guide Visually Challenged People 


The Area Of Refuge Braille Sign is extremely useful for directing residents in the event of a fire or other emergency when evacuation may not be safe or feasible. Until assistance or rescue can be obtained, these designated areas offer protection and safety to the occupants. 


With rigid, non-glare acrylic sheet that is 1/16" thick, BannerBuzz can make stylish, durable products that go well with the overall aesthetic of your commercial or residential property. The purpose of the non-glare feature is to stop objects from reflecting uncomfortable bright or intense light. 


Scratch and Chemical Resistant Area of Refuge Signs with Grade 2 Braille 


The durability of Area of Refuge Signs is increased by their resistance to chemicals, vandalism, and scratches. This property protects the signs from cosmetic and physical damage, extending their lifespan. 


The signs adhere to ADA regulations and are Grade 2 Braille compliant.  It features Sans Serif or Simple Serif type font with 1/32” raised Letters.  With a raised legend or pictogram and Grade 2 Braille, you can ensure that your message is understood.  Shop online for  BannerBuzz Area Of Refuge Braille Sign today! 

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