Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield


Prevent the Spread of Airborne Contagions with Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shields

Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shields are Durable, Portable and Customizable

Every institution is looking for an efficient approach to regulate safe distancing in public places and safeguard against airborne contagions. Businesses must also find a way to reassure their customers that preventive measures are being taken to avoid the spread of germs. The installation of social distancing sneeze guards in your facility's sitting area assists your customers and guests in adequately adhering to social distance rules. It also helps you to establish the impression of a responsible business with well-equipped preventive measures.

These shields have a transparency rate of 90 percent and are made from 580 GSM and 0.5 mm PVC transparent vinyl panels. The PVC material is resistant to abrasion and has high strength and toughness to stand up to daily exposure to the public. Additionally, the black-coated aluminum poles are corrosion-resistant. These components work together to make the clear vinyl sneeze guards very durable.

The excellent construction of these portable sneeze guards makes them simple to install and display anywhere within the premises of restaurants, salons and other commercial avenues, depending on the demands of the enterprise. Because the shields are lightweight, they are portable and simple to store if necessary, which helps to keep your business functioning and adaptable.

BannerBuzz offers the choice to select between multiple available size options. The wide range of listed sizes of social distancing sneeze guards helps to complement your varied business requirements, ensuring that there is a perfect fit for your facility's dimensions.

Easy to Install and Care For Portable Sneeze Guards

With telescopic legs that offer height and width adjustments, the clear vinyl sneeze guards on BannerBuzz are a comprehensive package of safety and quality. You can adjust the height as needed, and pole pockets at the top and bottom allow you to secure the shield to the stand. There are no additional tools necessary, resulting in a simple installation process that helps you to save time and effort.

These social distancing sneeze guards are simple to clean and maintain; spray them down with a disinfectant and wipe them dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. Any creases that may have formed can be readily erased with a hair dryer on the lowest setting, avoiding direct contact with the material.

Get Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shields in Bulk from BannerBuzz

Buy social distancing sneeze guards in bulk to fulfill wide-spacing requirements at your facility. Businesses can purchase as many as needed, as per budget, requirement and facility size. Use bulk ordering to outfit your establishment and protect employees and guests from exposure to airborne and sneeze-related pathogens.

Successfully Safeguard Visitors and Employees Against Infectious Agents with Clear Vinyl Sneeze Guards

The clear, portable, easy to assemble panels protect visitors from being infected by air droplets released while sneezing, conversing, and even coughing. Assure your guests' safety to improve your business.

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