2.5' x 6' Table Runners - Black


Buy Durable Black Table Runners Available in Premium Polyester Fabric

Business events like trade shows, corporate seminars, and fairs need an impressionable brand display setup that turns heads. We are here with high-quality 2.5' x 6' Table Runners Black that will help you convert your simple business display booth into a highly professional one. Not only do our table covers keep your furniture well protected from damage due to accidental spills, stains, and scratches, but give them a sophisticated appearance. Constructed with durable polyester material, the table runners uphold their quality and functional consistency over the years.

High-Quality Material: Our long-lasting black table runners are crafted with superior-quality polyester fabric weighing 170 GSM. Polyester fabric is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. The 170 GSM weight indicates a sturdy and substantial fabric that can withstand the rigors of event setups, transportation, and multiple uses. This durability ensures that the table runners maintain their quality and appearance throughout the event and can be reused for future occasions.

Classic Color: Black is a classic and timeless color that exudes sophistication and elegance. It adds a touch of formality and can elevate the overall aesthetic of an event. Black table runners can easily complement various event themes and color schemes. They provide a neutral backdrop that allows other colors to pop, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions, from weddings and galas to corporate events and parties.

Pre-Defined Size: At BannerBuzz, our black table runners are available in a standard size of 2.5' x 6', holding significant importance in event planning and decor for several reasons. Firstly, the standardized size ensures consistency and uniformity across tables, creating a cohesive and professional look throughout the event space. The 2.5' width provides ample coverage for most standard-sized tables, while the 6' length allows for a graceful overhang, adding an elegant touch to the overall table setting.

Superior-Quality Black Table Runners Available with Hot Knife Cut Finishing

Premium Finishing: Our high-quality black runners for tables come with top-quality hot knife cut finishing. The hot knife cut finishing refers to the process of sealing the edges of the fabric with heat, resulting in a clean and smooth edge. The hot knife cut finishing gives the black table runners a polished and professional look. The clean edges add to the overall neatness and sophistication of the table setting, elevating the visual appeal of the event.

Easy Care Instructions: At BannerBuzz, we provide hassle-free care instructions with our table runners that help you maintain their quality and consistency even after years of use. You have several washing options to care for the Black Table Runners, including regular machine washing with a mild detergent or hand wash. When it comes to drying, you can either dry them flat for best results, drip or line dry or tumble dry at the gentlest setting. To remove wrinkles, iron the fabric at a high temperature with plain paper as a barrier if it's fully dry or at a moderate temperature if it's moist.

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