Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)

Window Static Clings (Opaque)


An innovative way to advertise and appeal to your consumers.

  • Get it in a die-cut finish
  • High strength static vinyl material apt for outdoor/indoor use.
  • Up to 1440 dpi high-resolution printing
  • Any size larger than 58.5" width / height will come in multiple pieces

What Makes Custom Window Clings Different from Window Stickers

Custom Window Clings might seem just the same as window stickers, however, they are not. The high-quality material is the main component that differentiates it from the later. Also, a window cling does not use adhesive likes decals and stickers do. They can be customized according to any shape or design and take seconds to be installed. The fact that window clings can be removed and installed multiple times makes it a preferred way of business advertising. BannerBuzz Static Clings are made of premium-quality flexible Vinyl, which does not require adhesive to be put on the glass surface. Making use of the ambient moisture and not the usual adhesives, they set themselves apart from traditional window stickers.

Transform Your Windows and Increase Your Brand Awareness

Alluring more customers has never been easier and budgeted as it is with window clings. Get a custom designed cling for your shop/office/store/property and tell them what you have to offer. Right from flashing your business hours, membership benefits to logo designs and much more, let this small yet significant advertising tool work its magic for your business. Though, the creative graphics, clear messaging and professional design play a crucial role in achieving the goal. So, don’t miss to get inspired by multiple pre-designed templates available at BannerBuzz. Also, with a full range of colors, get creative with your artwork. The easy upload artwork functionality will get you personalizing in minutes.

Why BannerBuzz Static Window Clings?

  • UV Protected Printed on high strength clear vinyl material Optimum for outdoor and indoor use No Adhesive Digitally printed at 720dpi to 1440dpi resolution in full color. To make it convenient for installation, bigger signs are manufactured in multiple pieces To get the complete details, please check the product specifications tab.

BannerBuzz also offers perforated window signs, frosted decals, and more window signs. Don’t miss to check out. For now, let’s get started with your order!

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