Wheeled Snap In

Wheeled Snap In


Very portable advertising solution that’s easy to move around and carry.

  • Includes only the graphic by default. To add the wheeled on the base signicade frame, please select it below.
  • Choice of 1 or 2 printed panels.
  • Full-color digital UV printing done on 4mm CoroPlast.
  • Easy personalization with graphics/messaging of your choice.
  • When paired with the sturdy signicade frame, just bolt the frame onto the base to provide stability against the wind. A rust-free and long-lasting advertising solution.

While slightly smaller than the more commonly used wind signs, the 36"x24" wheeled, snap-in makes up for it with its rugged good looks and durability. Graphics snap in easily to allow for you to effortlessly change your advertising message and with a 24" wide by 36" tall panel, there's plenty of room for a few well-spaced lines of text and any images you may want to include. Combine that with weight and looks and these advertising wind signs definitely top the scales of our 5-star rating system.