Touch-Free Dispenser Wall Mounted Sign

Touch-Free Dispenser Wall Mounted Sign


Encourage Good Hygiene with Touch-Free Dispenser Wall-Mounted Signs

  • Mounting holes make installation easy.
  • A touch-free feature reduces the risk of infection transmission.
  • Multiple custom designs are available.
  • The 600 DPI printing resolution creates clear graphics.
  • Our aluminum signs measure 1.2mm thick for durability.

'Automatic Dispenser' Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

You want a clean, and hygienic workplace to safeguard everyone's safety and health. These signs help you successfully communicate your message and encourage people to practice good hygiene habits. Our wall-mounted signs direct visitors to the wall-mounted touch-free dispenser to sanitize and stay infection-free.

Our 'automatic dispenser' signs comprise a non-corrosive 1.2 mm thick aluminum sheet, providing for long-term use. The weatherproof material allows you to use the product both indoors and outdoors to remind people to sanitize.

We print the aluminum signs at 600 DPI, which ensures crisp image quality and high resolution. The print clarity ensures that even from a distance, visitors can see and read the details. Full-color UV printing creates a colorful and strong contrast that draws people's attention to the signs.

Customization options for full-color signs are available to meet your needs. Choose a size from the available selections and give any special instructions to ensure the product matches your style. If you have any artwork, upload it; otherwise, use the online design tool or hire a designer.

Wall-Mounted Signs are Eco-friendly and Easy to Install

The aluminum signs are easy to install on walls because they have pre-drilled 5 to 7 mm diameter holes on the four corners. A 1-inch corner radius protects against sharp edges, allowing for safe installation.

At BannerBuzz, we print our full-color signs using a process that uses biodegradable inks and emits no solvents into the environment. Using the signage will help you reduce your carbon impact and fulfill your organization's social responsibility.

'Automatic Dispenser' Signs are Safe for Use

These wall-mounted signs have a touch-free feature that makes them safe to use for everyone in your organization. The feature reduces the danger of infection transmission and encourages people to sanitize their hands in public and private spaces.

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