Social Distancing Saves Lives Indoor Floor Mats


Floor Mats Made from Premium-Grade Coral Fleece Fabric

An ideal way to notify the visitors about the Covid-19 safety guidelines, our social distancing saves lives indoor floor mats are made from durable coral fleece pile material. Crafted from non-woven fabric with grippers as back material, our floor mats are suitable for display within residential as well commercial premises. Robust and long-lasting, our custom floor mats have a material thickness of 10 mm

Available in two pre-defined sizes i.e. 3 ft. x 2 ft. and 4 ft. x 3 ft., our floor mats would help avoid large gatherings for any event. Crafted out of highly resilient materials, our custom floor mats come with pre-printed graphics.

A perfect blend of strength and durability, our custom floor mats are created using the dye-sublimation technique. Printed in full color with a resolution of 1440 DPI, our slip-free floor mats are made to retain their luster for many years.

Easy to order with a few clicks, our custom floor mats are available with various design templates options. Elegant and economical, our floor mats come with free shipping for orders over $99.

Custom Floor Mats with a High Tolerance Capacity

Crafted from high-quality pile and back material, our pre-printed floor mats possess a size tolerance of +/-3% and a weight tolerance of +/-5%. Made to endure the heavy footfall of visitors without losing its rich visual vibrancy, our floor mats are created for an extended lifespan.

Sturdy and trendy, our floor mats can be easily shaken to shed the debris away. Designed to withstand the test of time, our social distancing indoor floor mats will help in curbing the spread of the corona pandemic.

Pre-printed Floor Mats At Bulk Quantity Discount

Long-lasting and stylish, our custom floor mats are available at a special discounted price when ordered in large quantities. The more floor mats you purchase at once, the larger will be the applicable discount. Hence, buy multiple mats in one go to get the best price. Place your order now!